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Celebrating one year at Mile High Report

A year ago, two Broncos blogs got together and decided they could make something better. Today, the new MHR staff is celebrating a year at Mile High Report, and thanking readers and this community for an excellent 2013!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, two Broncos blogs got together and decided they could make something better.

On March 22nd, the new Mile High Report staff celebrated its one-year anniversary at this blog. We wanted to take a moment to thank every reader, commenter, follower and liker for an amazing first year at MHR. We also wanted to communicate our collective success - your collective success - and that, with our goals a Mile High, we still have a long ways to go!

We enjoyed over 7 million visits and over 16 million page views in our first year at MHR - after six years at BroncoTalk, those are mind-boggling numbers I'm not sure I ever thought could be achieved. Those numbers also represent nearly 100% growth from the previous year. You all have helped MHR soar.

I remember the early days of MHR, where John Bena would celebrate each millionth viewer with a blog post. It took years to celebrate five million pageviews. The growth of this site and SB Nation as a whole has been tremendous.

The contributions from this staff have been superb. I brought many with me from BT, but I think we were all invigorated by a change to MHR. Tim Lynch, Ian Henson, Jon Heath and more all made the jump from the 'Talk to the 'Report, and I'm thrilled they're here. I've also thoroughly enjoyed working with Bronco Mike, Scotty Payne, and other MHR alums. We've each found our strengths as bloggers, and in 2014 I'm hoping each of us will shake things up, get out of our blogging comfort zone, and find new ways to inform and entertain Broncos Country!

We've added new staffers to the mix - you may have noticed two new names, Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann and Jacob Dearlove, popping up in articles at MHR - both Laurie and Jacob will be formally introducing themselves in the days ahead. We are still holding a few staff tryouts as well, with longtime community members and fan-favorite FanPosters leading the way.

We resurrected the MHR Radio Podcast - just in this past year, we interviewed Broncos players Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Eric Decker (and his wife Jessie James), Chris Harris Jr., Duke Ihenacho, and more. We got to hang out with Terrance Knighton days before the Super Bowl. Hopefully we will get a chance to talk with Peyton Manning before he rides off in the orange and blue sunset (as I said, our goals are a Mile High!).

Our vision to become the #1 independent Denver Broncos fan site has been realized, and now our vision is to improve it any way we can. We want to get better at delivering news, give you better columns, feature more FanPosts, cultivate this community, and make this every member of Broncos Country's home. We want increased access to players, practices and games, and we want to represent this community whenever we engage with the Broncos.

If you love Mile High Report, tell your friends. They can help us make it better.

Let us know your goals for Mile High Report. How do you envision this blog growing? Where would you like to see us improve? And thank you, again, for an incredible first year!