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2014 NFL Mock Draft: A Broncos Mock Draft (Part two)

Our Broncos mock draft continues as we fill out the rest of the Broncos' draft choices through all seven rounds. See part one, feature the first round (all 32 picks), here.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

1.31. Denver Broncos: Kyle Van Noy, LB, BYU, 6'4 243lbs:

In this scenario the Broncos would have all the top cornerbacks off the board, and the two top middle linebackers would also be off the board. So I went with BYU Linebacker Kyle Van Noy as the Broncos choice. He's a versatile linebacker who can play all three spots, he can blitz, and he's also good in coverage. I think he could be transition to inside linebacker in the pro's, and will be a valuable chess piece for Head Coach John Fox and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio.

Here's a scouting report on Van Noy via

STRENGTHS: Has a muscular, well-proportioned build. Quick get-off. Knifes gaps. Good pass-rush ability -- can push the pocket or pressure the edge. Keeps working to the quarterback and has deceptive closing speed. Eyes the quarterback and tries to get his hands in the passing lane. Athletic with good movement skills in all directions -- equipped to keep pace with backs and tight ends in coverage. Is rangy and can open up his stride and run vertical. Glides on the field. Scheme versatile. Football smart.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks elite length and flexibility to bend and flatten. Average instincts and diagnose. Still developing eye discipline. Needs to cultivate a more sophisticated arsenal of pass-rush moves. Leaves some production on the field. Leaves his feet to tackle and slips off the ball carrier. Hit-or-miss run defender. Could stand to improve his upper-body strength and stack-and-shed ability. Average motor -- could pursue with more urgency.

Film Room:

Kyle Van Noy BYU Highlights ᴴᴰ "Beast Mode"

2.63. Denver Broncos: Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood, 6'1 198lbs:

Desir is a 6'1 198lb corner who's raw, but has the potential to be a number one corner down the road. The Broncos lack depth at corner. After Talib and Harris the Broncos have second year pro Kayvon Webster who flashed some last year, and Tony Carter.

Here's a scouting report on Desir via

STRENGTHS: Outstanding body and arm length -- looks the part. Good athlete with loose hips and a fluid pedal. Superb two-year production on the ball. Natural interceptor -- attacks the ball in the air like a receiver and tracks it very well. Plays big in critical situations. Very confident demeanor. Outstanding zone instincts -- sees patterns developing and jumps routes. Solid tackler. Experienced, four-year starter. Mature, accountable father of two. Solid character. Durable and has battled through injuries.

WEAKNESSES: Regularly matched up against inferior competition, inflating production, and was not challenged enough. Average timed speed. Loses a half-step in transition and will struggle to carry NFL receivers vertically. Could stand to do a better job wrapping as a tackler and filling faster -- does not always play to his size in the run game. Overaged.

Film Room:

Pierre Desir Lindenwood Highlights ᴴᴰ

3.95. Denver Broncos: Trent Murphy, DE/OLB, Stanford, 6'5 250lbs:

Murphy's stock has fallen some while others stock has risen recently so I believe there's a chance he'll be available in the late third round.

Now you might be thinking, didn't the Broncos just sign DeMarcus Ware? Yes, but they also lost Robert Ayers,Shaun Phillips, and Jeremy Mincey. Murphy would give the Broncos some depth behind Ware, and competition with Q-Smith. Also keep in mind that Von Miller more then likely won't be 100% early in the season, and Ware did come off a injury plaque

A scouting report via

STRENGTHS: Naturally big-boned with a good frame to add bulk if desired. Very good instincts. Above-average athlete -- bends fairly well. Good hand use -- can jolt blockers with his punch. Controls the line of scrimmage and consistently outleverages tight ends. Very physical re-routing tight ends at the line. Outstanding motor and sack production -- led the country in sacks (15) as a senior. Tough, smart and hardworking with a throwback personality. Leader vocally and by example. Will hold teammates accountable and represent the program with class.

WEAKNESSES: Very average weight-room strength. Underdeveloped upper body. Can be folded and neutralized by down blocks against more physical blockers (see Notre Dame). Cannot square up and play honest vs. top power. Has coverage limitations -- is tight and late to transition. More natural moving forward than in reverse. Coverage limitations show up vs. backs. Can be stressed vs. speed in the open field.

Film Room:

Trent Murphy Highlights ᴴᴰ "Here Comes the Boom"

4.131. Denver Broncos: Marqueston Huff, FS, Wyoming, 5'11 196lbs:

The Broncos lost veteran safety Mike Adams, and starter Rahim Moore is recovering from a knee injury so the Broncos draft Huff for depth. Huff has experience at Safety and Cornerback, so that versatility will help in the NFL.

Here's a scouting report on Huff via

STRENGTHS: Lean, athletic build. Fluid and sudden with terrific balance. Outstanding speed -- carries receivers vertically and flies around the field. Sudden plant and drive. Can elevate to contend in the air and make athletic interceptions. Does not hesitate to support the run. Scheme versatile. Sharp mentally. Three-year starter. Rose to the occasion against better competition and produced big against Nebraska.

WEAKNESSES: Has very small hands. Gets lax with his technique. Inconsistent, subpar tackler as a safety. Average ball production. Performance is up and down.

5.171. Denver Broncos: Tyler Gaffney, RB, Stanford, 6'0 220lbs

Tyler Gaffney would provide some depth behind Montee Ball, and some competition for C.J Anderson and Ronnie Hillman. Gaffney would fit in well in the Broncos offense.

Here's a scouting report on Gaffney via

STRENGTHS: Excellent size. Effective inside runner. Nice vision and patience. Runs behind his pads -- churns his legs through contact and fights for extra yards. Good hands as a receiver out of the backfield. Highly competitive. Tough and durable. Well-conditioned athlete -- showed he could handle a heavy workload after a year away from the gridiron (averaged 24 carries per game).

WEAKNESSES: Tight-hipped and straight-linish. Limited twitch and wiggle. Gears down to cut. Average quickness to and through the hole. Runs duck-footed and lacks breakaway speed -- tracked down from behind. Has split his time and training between two sports.

Film Room:

Tyler Gaffney highlights

6.207. Denver Broncos: Stephen Morris, QB, Miami, 6'2 213lbs:

Morris is a very raw Quarterback prospect who has some upside/potential to him. Morris would provide some competition for Zac Dysert and Brock Osweiler.

Here's a scouting report on Morris via

STRENGTHS: Very good arm strength and athletic ability. Can move around the pocket and buy a second chance. Throws with velocity and can rifle the ball into tight spots. Can drill back-shoulder throws. Can adapt his arm and throwing platform and release it from a variety of angles under duress with ease. Has natural leadership traits.

WEAKNESSES: Average overall size with a relatively thin build. Sporadic accuracy. Sprays the ball and struggles to hit receivers in stride (best with stationary targets). Does not throw his receivers open. Marginal timing, anticipation and rhythm. Struggles to handle pressure and presses to create plays -- eyes drop to the rush very quickly and vacates the pocket prematurely. Makes too many head-scratching decisions. Birddogs his primary target and will force the ball. Career 57.7 completion percentage is indicative of accuracy at all layers even with a clean pocket. Makes his receivers consistently work for the ball.

Film Room:

Stephen Morris 2013 Highlights

7. 246. Denver Broncos: Matt Hazel, WR, Coastal Carolina, 6'1 198lbs:

Hazel would be a developmental prospect for the Broncos who could latch on as the fifth receiver, or stick on the Practice Squad.

STRENGTHS: Good functional football-playing speed. Accelerates off the line and can create separation. Tracks the deep ball well, contorts his body in the air and can make difficult catches look easy. Can create after the catch and make the first defender miss on bubble screens out of the slot. Willing blocker -- displays surprising toughness for his size to mix it up with linebackers. Fared well vs. better competiition (see South Carolina). Comes from a very supportive family and has strong personal and football character. The game is very important to him.

WEAKNESSES: Not physically strong with a lean body build, small hands and short arms. Can be knocked off routes by tight press coverage. Average strength and elusiveness after the catch. Looks for a landing spot before contact (hears footsteps). Alligator arms appear in traffic and bodies the ball along the sideline. Shows some tightness in his body coming out of breaks and routes could use morerefinement.

Mock Draft Results:

1. LB Kyle Van Noy

2. CB Pierre Desir

3. DE/OLB Trent Murphy

4. FS Marqueston Huff

5. RB Tyler Gaffney

6. QB Stephen Morris

7. WR Matt Hazel