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Twitter Recap from Day 2 - Broncos Country happy to fortify the offense

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Though Cody Latimer and Michael Schofield were not names talked about much on MHR or among the Broncos front office staff, they were definitely on John Elway's and John Fox's radar. And now they're ready to be playmakers.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

The second day of the NFL Draft provided less drama for football fans but was every bit the excitement it should be for the players drafted in the second and third rounds.

And Broncos Country seems highly satisfied with Denver's two newest acquisitions - wide receiver Cody Latimer from Indiana and offensive tackle Michael Schofield from the University of Michigan (which interestingly means that the Broncos' first three draft picks are going to play on the same team after being Big 10 foes that last few years!)

But both Latimer and Schofield couldn't be happier about that.

And just in case you're wondering about character issues? None.

Latimer's height and dunking ability (he's a Hoosier, after all) got a lot of attention on Twitter, mainly because the guy can dunk like a mad man. Demaryius Thomas, you ready for a showdown?

Whether Elway knew about the dunk contest doesn't matter. He certainly understood what that could mean for his star quarterback.

And fans certainly understood what it means for Latimer too.

Although Schofield is likely not a starter next year, Elway is equally high on the lineman's abilities.

Schofield himself proved he's ready to compete to make a difference on the offense of the league's five-time MVP.

But just in case Schofield wasn't up to the task, one fan had a reminder:

And another fan - Kendall Coyne of the USA women's hockey team - wins the Tweet of the Day for her message to Schofield about the Broncos draft:

No, Kendall. No, there isn't.

Welcome to the team, Cody and Michael!