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2014 Denver Broncos Draft Class: Role Call!

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Now that the Broncos have added six rookies via the draft, what exactly could we expect from each in 2014?

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor


1. Matt Paradis, C

Manny Ramirez played great as a C in 2013.  He also set the tone for a disastrous Super Bowl when an ill-timed snap shot over Peyton Manning's head and into the endzone for an opening safety.  Manny had some ups and downs but the biggest reason why a guy like Matt could wow and eventually win the starting role at center is because of his intellect and readiness to take on line calls.  Paradis majored in blitz recognition and setting the line in college.  While Peyton is responsible for much of that in the Broncos offense it helps to have set of eyes on the action.  Paradis is a sound player with good fundamentals, someone who should give Manny a push.

2. Michael Schofield, G/T

The only reason he makes the list is because of all the flux along the line.  If Schofield makes the cut as a starter, I believe it will be as the LG.  A lot of what I read about him indicates he works better in small areas and struggles with speed around the edge.  We already have that in Orlando Franklin.  There is going to be a big competition at every OL position except RG and LT, and when all is said and done, the rook has just as good a shot as Franklin at G.

Should be-starters

1. Bradley Roby, CB

You can pencil him in as your current #3.  That position on the depth chart means he will see about 65% of the snaps on the outside with the Broncos in nickel and dime packages. While he probably won't see any action in the Broncos base defense, the amount of snaps the 1st year player gets should rival the numbers of other starters along the roster.

Future Stars, current depth

2. Cody Latimer, WR

Your pecking order at WR is DT, Sanders, Welker.  Expect Cody to see action when one of the outside guys needs a breather, and when the offense gets into the redzone.  With his big frame and excellent body control, Latimer gives Peyton another big target in the redzone.

Who the heck knows?, Special Teams contributors

1. Lamin Barrow

I don't see two-down thumper when I watch him play.  I don't even have enough tape to be able to speak to his coverage abilities.  It seems as if the 3rd down role is his to lose for now, but in order to become a complete 3-down LB, I think he has a ways to go.  It does make me feel a bit better that John Fox was excited to grab this kid, but until we see some concrete play on the field, a big question mark lingers.

2. Corey Nelson

With the 3rd down coverage LB role in question, anything is possible.  Nelson has speed and range, but with any 7th round pick, you expect them to carve out a role via special teams before ascending the depth chart.

What do you think MHR?  Are the prognostications of these players palatable to your reasoning?