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Horse Tracks: Terrible reception edition

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Let's be honest, the cellular services at Sports Authority Field at Mile High are severely lacking. I don't know how many times I've tried to gloat on twitter and facebook about being at the game, only to have no data service because everybody and their sister is trying to do the same thing. Even more frustrating is that because the phone can't find a signal, the battery is dead when the game is over. Needless to say, I was shocked to hear that it's not this way at other sports venues...

Garrett Ellwood


Wireless provider AT+T said that the Broncos tragic loss in the Super Bowl held the title for most data used at a single sporting event... until the Kentucky Derby. Yes, it turns out that not only is MetLife Stadium free of the issues we endure on our home field, but also Churchill Downs. Just imagine what that must be like... Updating your facebook AND tweeting while at the stadium. What kind of far off future is this?! One that doesn't have your battery drained by halftime... Yes, I know Verizon users don't have this problem. I know about the upgrade a few years back. It's just time for other carriers to get on board... You know, like *cough* Sprint *cough*


Denver Broncos third round pick, Michael Schofield, is known for his versatility on the offensive line... Guard. Tackle. He does it all.  Most important, though, is that in extreme weather-related turbulence on his way to Denver, he didn't get sick. Even when the dude next to him was tossing his cookies into one of those air-sickness bags, Schofield held it together.

Not that losing your lunch makes you a bad person... No offense to you, Mark Schlereth!


Kudos to Denver Broncos clipboard holder and unofficial 'Plan-B', Brock Osweiler, for completing his coursework at Arizona State. This coming Monday, Brock will walk with the class of 2014 with a degree in 'interdisciplinary studies.' Congrats, Brock!


Anyone want to relive the 2009 Josh McDaniels draft? It turns out that most teams in the NFL don't want to either. Player retention-wise, it was the worst draft in recent history and not just for the Broncos. What a terrible draft to have five picks in the first sixty-four....


Kudos to former Broncos safety Brian Dawkins for being inducted to the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame on Monday. While the three years he played for Denver weren't the greatest in our history (2009-2011), having him in our secondary made them entertaining. Congrats, Brian! See you in Canton in a few years.