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Here's what the Denver Broncos will pay their 2014 draft picks

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Broncos rookie contracts, and how they compare to vets on the roster.


The Denver Broncos haven't signed any of their draft picks yet, but based on the traction a lot of teams have already seen to that end, that will soon change. Here are rookie contract estimates, via, along with a Broncos veteran contract comparison with someone they are expected to compete against.

All of these are four-year deals.

CB Bradley Roby: $6,952,528
Average per year: $1.73 million
Veteran comparison: Chris Harris Jr. will make $2.187 million in 2014

WR Cody Latimer: $3,708,650
Average per year: $927K
Veteran comparison: Emmanuel Sanders will make $4 million in 2014; Andre Caldwell will net $1.15 million.

OT Michael Schofield: $2,761,200
Average per year: $690K
Veteran comparison: Orlando Franklin will get paid $1.38 million in 2014, and Chris Clark will make $2.12 million. Backup tackle Winston Justice will make $1.13 million.

LB Lamin Barrow: $2,411,160
Average per year: $602K
Veteran comparison: Nate Irving will be a $818K cap hit this year.

C Matt Paradis: $2,311,000
Average per year: $577K
Veteran comparison: Will Montgomery will cost $1.92 against the cap in 2014.

LB Corey Nelson: $2,268,600
Average per year: $567K
Veteran comparison: Danny Trevathan will make a mere $596K in 2014.

Total Rookie 2014 Cap Hit: $3,831,386

Broncos rookies can expect to get around $5.2 million in signing bonuses in the days and weeks ahead, along with contracts totaling over $20 million.

That should help pay the bills, especially if Peyton Manning gets creative again this offseason.