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Report: Eagles will have most prolific offense in 2014

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According to a Bleacher Report, the Philadelphia Eagles will pass the Denver Broncos when it comes to testicular fortitude on the offensive side of the ball.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Relax, it's just  a pre-season prognostication, but do these Marklar's hold any Marklar?

2013 Comparisons


2013 Broncos

2013 Eagles


457.3 (1st)

417.2 (2nd)


6.3 (T-1st)

6.3 (T-1st)

1st Downs/Game

27.2 (1st)

22.2 (5th)

3rd Down %

46% (2nd)

39% (12th)


37.9 (1st)

27.6 (4th)

As you can see here, our offense kicked their offense's ass, up and down the rankings (except for yards per play).  You know another instance where our offense kicked their offense's ass?

That's right, Week 4, when Peyton and the gang put up 52 to a meager 20.

What happened in the offseason to make the Eagles jump so high?  They signed a little person in Darren Sproles to be their backup RB, lost their best WR in DeSean Jackson, and drafted a couple of Ducks.

The Broncos, meanwhile, added speed and size to it's receiving corps in Emmanuel Sanders and Cody Latimer, while getting rid of a guy better known as the Turf Monster's favorite target.

Nick Foles may be an upgrade to Michael Vick, and he may have played above his level for much of the season, but I tell you what, the city of Omaha is on the map thanks to one Peyton Manning (regardless of what his jealous and diminutive little brother would have you believe).

In the end you have a choice between some tepid knock-off generic, or Coca Cola.  What do you prefer Broncos Country?

Peyton Manning, please never retire.