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Seven things to know about Indiana WR Cody Latimer, Denver Broncos second round draft pick

Here are seven interesting, semi-random facts about Denver Broncos rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer, selected 24th in the second round in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Why seven? You know why.

1. Cody Latimer was a three-star recruit out of high school.

2. Latimer made at least one catch in all 32 games he played at Indiana, which included 24 starts.

3. He had surgery on a broken foot in January of this year; he still ran a 4.39 forty-time at his Pro Day. Latimer is expected to be limited in all Broncos workouts until training camp.

4. Latimer is remarkably similar to Eric Decker coming out of college. Both are 6'3" and roughly 215 lbs. Both had 1,000-yard seasons in the Big Ten before being drafted in the second day of the draft. Eric Decker also had foot surgery the offseason of his rookie year and missed OTAs and minicamps.

5. Why draft a wide receiver? Broncos receivers Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker are each set to be free agents in 2015; John Elway said this played a part in the Broncos' selection of Latimer.

6. Cody Latimer can DUNK.

7. Those basketball skills never took hold the way football did. "I got a couple offers for basketball--a couple Division-1 offers, but they weren't major big schools," Latimer said of his college recruitment. "Football just felt like the way to go.... It has actually been my life since my junior year of high school."

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