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Von Miller and Denver Broncos extend relationship through 2015 - Horse Tracks

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Despite Von Miller's mistakes, John Elway and the Broncos recognize his uniqueness as explosiveness on the field. It was a no brainer to pick up his option before the May 3rd deadline.

Doug Pensinger

Batman's Option Picked Up

Von Miller had his fifth-year option picked up yesterday, ensuring he remains with the Denver Broncos through 2015. Miller aims to be ready to go before Week 1 of the 2014 regular season.

MHR Radio Reboot

Season 3 of the MHR Radio Podcast has rebooted. Check out the latest show below!

Orange Julius Speaks

We're going to be a tough offensive unit to deal with. -Julius Thomas

Broncos start tight end, Julius Thomas, spoke to the media this week about how the team could build from last year's season and more. The interview was good, but one of my favorite parts was when he was asked about what he learned from the Super Bowl blowout loss.

I think what I learned from that game was how to get there... To be that close and not reach your goal, it just makes you that much more hungry.

Horse Tracks

  • Gene Mingo from the Denver Broncos inaugural season in 1960, will be announcing the Broncos second round pick.
  • Andrew Mason covers some potential late round defensive backs that could find a home on the Broncos roster.
  • Here is a list of 25 draft prospects that should NOT be there when John Elway sends in his first round selection. It pretty much covers every guy I hope is available at #31. Sigh... REACH Oakland, REACH!
  • Parenthood changes a man, which made me think Derek Carr could be the best quarterback prospect in this years' draft, but then I realized he is related to David Carr. I kid. I kid.
  • Meanwhile, would you trust Johnny Manziel as your team's quarterback? Having seen this team win with Tim Tebow, Yes. Yes I would.