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Off-field trouble is unwanted distraction, no matter how insignificant

I don't know about in Cleveland, but the mission here is a Super Bowl. And the Denver Broncos don't get back there if players are acting stupid on their own time because it's a distraction for the entire team.

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Bleepity bleep bleep bleep.

T.J., this isn't how we like to do it in Denver.

The Denver Broncos organization is not perfect, and we know our players screw up just like those on all other NFL teams.

But troublemakers aren't wanted here.

We like you - a lot. You are tough and talented, and we need you. We freakin' need you.

So heed the advice of Tony Dungy, former head coach of Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is known for being a straight arrow and running as tight a ship as an NFL coach can: nothing good happens after midnight. Or listen to Rich Eisen: hit up Netflix, when in doubt on a late night.

Whatever happened May 9 is still unclear, and we owe you a chance to explain something that more than likely is no big deal in the scheme of criminal activity. It is a misdemeanor assault charge, after all. The Broncos said, in a statement, "We have been aware of this issue and will continue to review all of the facts."

We like you, T.J. You are tough and talented and we need you. We freakin' need you.

But that's not really the point here. You were out and about and got into trouble...trouble and silly media attention this team doesn't want and doesn't need.

Go to strip clubs all you want. But remember your day job - working for a team that wants to win now. And remember this comment: "We want to have the top defense in the world."

Yeah, well, that doesn't happen, and the Broncos don't win, if players are acting stupid on their own time. It's a distraction that affects the entire team and its mission.

I don't know about Cleveland, but the mission in Denver is a Super Bowl. Getting back there involves so many variables that players can't control - the win/loss records of other teams, injuries, weather, bad calls, etc. So it only makes sense to take ultra-responsibility over the things you can control - yourself.

Broncos Country is livid about last year's Super Bowl, but we are ecstatic over the offseason gains in free agency and the draft.

We can forgive you this infraction since you haven't yet experienced a championship culture in the NFL. But we probably won't be so forgiving the next time.

And neither will your franchise.