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Congratulations to our Denver Broncos Nike jersey giveaway winner!

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We have a winner, folks!

Last week, we announced a jersey giveaway that we would be ending today. Scores of MHR members entered the contest—there were countless witty and humorous submissions, as well as several serious submissions that hit us right in the feels.

The goal of the contest was to have your comment receive the most "recs." On our last count, Peyton55 had 36 recs. The next-closest was ozark_orange's 20 recs. Not far behind was Fabio Broncos's 19 recs.

Technically, Peyton55 won. Due to the nature of his comment, however, some MHR members voiced some concerns with the method he used to receive recs. That's unfortunate and it's on me, not Peyton55.

Peyton55 was well within the rules set up, so we chose to honor his submission. In the future, however, we will word the rules for these kind of giveaways a little differently.

In good spirit, Peyton55 decided to be a real sport about things and will be donating the jersey he won to Fabio Broncos. Technically, ozark_orange came in second, but she has already won an MHR giveaway in the past and we agreed with Peyton55 that Fabio, a Broncos fan in Brazil, was very deserving.

Congratulations, Fabio Broncos, you've won a Nike Broncos jersey from MHR!

We will be contacting you for your preferred jersey/size and shipping address, Fabio.

Stay tuned for more MHR giveaways down the road. Here's to you, Broncos Country!