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Horse Tracks: Are you ready for some GIFS?

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Good Morning Broncos Country! Happy Memorial Day and a Mile High Salute to all those who have served our country in the Armed Forces!

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports


Remember last year when Bronco Mike would snip 5-10 screen shots in order to diagram and explain a play?  Well after a back-breaking trek through the web kingdom, I have come back to Mile High Report with the ability to create my own gifs.  Going forward I will have the ability to create these so you can see the play in motion.  Any play is at my disposal, and I promise to bring you the very best in Broncos analysis from this point forward.

Still skeptical?


This is probably the play I've focused on the most this offseason.  This is Peyton Manning's pick 6 in Super Bowl 48.  At the top of the screen Demaryius Thomas beats the press coverage clean from the snap.  Earl Thomas gets a little distracted by Julius Thomas up the seam and DT has what should be a Broncos Touchdown...except that Orlando Franklin gets pushed back into Peyton's arm as he releases the ball.

This play goes clean and you're talking 15-7 ballgame.  On the ensuing drive the Broncos made it into easy FG territory but opted to go on 4th and short down 22-0.  They kick a FG there and you're talking a 15-10 game heading into halftime.  That little pooch kickoff never happens and perhaps Percy Harvin never has an opportunity to seal the game with a backbreaking return TD.

In a game of what ifs, you can bet Peyton and the entire offense had another crack at this play.

Predicting the Broncos Regular Season








No Robert Mathis, no problem.  The Luck stops here.




A fine JV tune-up for Seattle the following week




What can I say? Playing in Seattle is a bitch.




Please don't do anything stupid.




DT has a career day against Patrick Peterson...




Eric Decker is tackled by turfmonster on would be GW




Peyton shows Mr. Ratface how to play QB




Thursday night games suck NFL




Peyton and the Broncos finally get one at Gillette




Matt Schaub loses a piece of his other ear to the WareWolfe




In a FG war, neither team foots the bill




Knowshon returns in a reprisal of his rookie season




By this time, Andy Reid is playing LT




I might go golfing this day




Nothing like playing in Cali in December, Broncos clinch West




Letdown after clinching West




Raiders earn yet another top 10 pick with this loss

Final record? 12-3-1.  If you're going to have the Rams on your schedule, there's like a 75% shot you will tie that game.  I could also see a late season loss to the Chiefs in Arrowhead, or a letdown in NE.  The Patsies have lost a total of 15 games at home since 2002 if I remember correctly.

I look for the Broncos to notch 12 wins and secure a 1st round bye in the AFC.

He's right...unfortunately

Via Peter King (MMQB)

I think-and this is not a football note, but a societal one-following the Mark Cuban controversy of the past few days, what he said at worst was borderline racist. Borderline. I wouldn't have said it, but I also wouldn't have attacked him for it. Pretty soon, no public figure will say anything, ever, at all, that is borderline controversial. We're forcing all free-thinkers and speakers to measure everything they say and then come out with pablum, or else risk facing some hurricane of anger in some social segment of this world-on Twitter, or some other forum-whether it's truly deserved or not.

I like football to be about football.  I miss the days of talking about football for the sake of football.  I miss talking about sports for the sake of sports.  I also miss the era in our country when a person could speak his mind without having to worry about the PC police.  That time is gone. Thank goodness we have Peyton Manning and a Super Bowl run to keep us occupied...

Horse Tracks

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