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Horse Tracks: Commencement of OTAs and Marlin Briscoe edition

Today is the day! For the first time since the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos will take the field in what is the first step in rebounding from that horrific display last February. Although voluntary, this will be the first time rookies and veterans will participate in 11-on-11 practice drills. Contact, as negotiated by the collective bargaining agreement, is prohibited until training camp.

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A moment of your time.

Marlin Briscoe was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 14th round (#357 overall) of the 1968 draft.  When negotiating his contract, Briscoe stipulated his desire for a three-day tryout at quarterback before agreeing to sign as a defensive back. When starting quarterback Steve Tensi broke his collarbone and the other quarterbacks performed poorly, Briscoe became the first starting African-American quarterback in the history of the NFL. After just 11 games, he was nominated and became the first runner-up for Rookie of the Year. The Denver Broncos released him from his contract before the start of the 1969 season.

He was named Mile High Report's Greatest Bronco to Wear #15.

One of the things that I love most about the Denver Broncos is our history and heritage.  My interviews with Floyd Little and Marlin Briscoe stand as the pinnacle of awesomeness in my time writing for MHR and to this day, I am still grateful they took the time to sit down with all of us.

Now Marlin needs your help. West Omaha films is the company who, for the last several years, has tirelessly worked to adapt Marlin's incredible story into a motion picture. They need the NFL to come on board in order to use the brand in the film (something that's very important) and get it made. West Omaha Films has put together a petition to, hopefully, get things moving.

Click here to sign the petition. Remember to share it with your friends. Don't you want to see 1960's Mile High Stadium on the big screen? Don't you?

Here's a bit more on Marlin Briscoe.


Rookie minicamp is over and it's time to get to *voluntary* work! For the next ten days, the Denver Broncos players will get to know one another as football players as OTAs get underway!


It turns out that Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio had some high hopes for positions he'd like to address during the start of this season's free agency period. Those hopes became Aquib Talib, T.J. Ward, and Demarcus Ware.


The Denver Broncos are going to be taking special care to get back to basics when it comes to ball-security this season. Although Denver was tops in league history in terms of scoring, they turned the ball over too many times (not just in the Super Bowl) and the focus this year is, rightfully, on making sure such 'oopsies' are a thing of the past.


Broncos OL Ben Garland celebrated the promotion to rank of Captain in the United States Air Force on Monday. Congrats, Captain!


WR Dominik Hixon, the Broncos 4th round pick (#130 overall) has torn his ACL for the third time in his career and will likely retire. Let's all take a moment to commend former coach Mike Shanahan on his choice to release this Super Bowl winning receiver just a few games into the 2006 season. Harrumph! Here's wishing you the best in your next phase of life, Dominik!


Broncos safety David Bruton rides a motorcycle standing up with no hands in this video. Seriously. Makes you wonder...