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John Fox: "You can't make the club in the tub"

Head coach John Fox met with the media after the first day of OTA's.
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Justin Edmonds

Denver Broncos head coach, John Fox, met with the media after the first day of OTA's to answer some questions. He easily made the quote of the day when asked about how some guys were recovering from injuries. When asked about Derek Wolfe and Rahim Moore, Fox mentioned trainers and medical staff in helping players recover and ended his remarks with, "You can't make the club in the tub".

On second year player development

You’re looking for improvement. You’re looking for improvement from season to season, meeting to meeting, practice to practice. I think you don’t stay the same in this league—you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. You don’t stay the same. So that’s what you look for and it’s all part of the process when you pick your final 53 for the 2014 roster this year.

On his overall health and recovery

I feel great. Again, I reminded the players that I wasn’t even whole last year. So it’s nice to be healthy. I thought I was healthy when I came back. Wasn’t maybe quite where I needed to be, but it gets better every day for sure.

On seeing the new offensive line configuration

Like all of it, it’s really fun to get these guys back out here. I think the move with Orlando, obviously getting Ryan Clady back, missing a guy of that stature and of that ability, that’s hard to replace. Actually irreplaceable. It’s kind of nice to be whole and reload and get ready again.

On T.J. Ward's legal issues

We’re on top of it. We were aware of it. Like all legal processes, we do have a process. We feel good about what direction it’s going and we’ll work through it. We’ll let the system work.

On construction at the site

I also missed transcribing this quote, but John Fox mentioned it was kind of hectic around there with temporary offices and meeting areas pointing out that its not only the media and fans who are having to deal with the mayhem.  Lindsay Jones posted this on Instagram to hammer that point home.