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DeMarcus Ware: "Manning's bootleg didn't work this time"

New Broncos defensive end, DeMarcus Ware meets with the press after the first day of OTA's.
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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The final interview of the day came from new Denver Broncos defensive end, DeMarcus Ware. Being new to the organization, he has had to deal with a lot more when it comes to learning the system and fitting into the locker room culture. It sounds like its all going quite well for him.

On Peyton Manning

It was. Actually, he tried to do that bootleg play that he did on me when I played with the Cowboys—it didn’t work this time (laughing). So it was funny. That’s just what he does. It’s different. When you have a captain like that, you want to play for him.

On rushing the passer

I think it comes all the way down to the tactics that you take to the game. You can’t let them really dink and dunk you down the field, two and three yards. You’ve got to get them to first down, second-and-9, third-and-9, so they have no choice but to go down the field deep and throw the ball and give the offensive time a little bit more time they’ve got to stand up against the pass-rushers. You’ve got to not let them dink and dunk you down the field and be consistent.

On being new to the locker room

It has been that way. I’ve been feeling like I’m a visitor here, but the defensive line, they’re really a close-knit group. They really just brought me in. I feel really comfortable here. You’re still getting to know everybody’s personality and what you can say and what you can’t say, but that’s what this game is about. Going into a new environment, how well you accept change.

I think the main thing is you sit back in the catbird seat and you just lead by example. Eventually, the guys, they know exactly that you mean business. Then eventually, like I said, you’re able to be a little bit more vocal and gradually you move up. I always have respect for all the guys here, and everything is gained.

On giving advice to young guys

Actually, none of the guys are asking for autographs. They’re telling me that in high school, they played me on the Madden game. So I guess I’m getting a little bit older. But the guys like Malik and Wolfe that have been here for a while, they’ve been big two-gap, big, brute guys and now they’re trying to get a little bit of finesse in their game with pass rushing. I’m able to teach them a lot of things that I do and they’ve been able to convert that over to the field. I’m enjoying it.

On adjusting to the new defensive scheme

I’ve had at least about six defensive coordinators. This defense is like all of them put together, you’ve got a little bit of 4-3, a little bit of 3-4. It’s all about just learning new terminology. So it’s pretty easy.