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Jack Del Rio: "It's always exciting to start over"

Denver Broncos defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, met with the press after today's team activities.
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Another day, another meeting with the coaches after practice. Yesterday it was John Fox and today we start things up with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio. Compared to yesterday's presser, this one was fantastic, which you can review in part on

On Nate Irving

I think Nate played well last year when he was called on. And the things that he got an opportunity to do, he played well. So I know he comes in with a lot of confidence based on the way he played last year, and the fact that he’s very familiar with our defense, understands where he belongs ... He got a lot of reps last year in the middle so it’s a little more comfortable for him this time around. I like the way he’s approaching it right now.

On a new year with new players

It’s always exciting to start over. When you have a collection of guys coming back like we do ... a very talented group returning from injury. We also have a very talented group that we brought in (through) free agency and draft picks. So getting all of those guys back out on the field, it’s an exciting time of year.

On Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware

It’s similar to how it was with Von and Elvis (Dumervil). You’ve got two premium guys. It’s difficult for offenses to block them one-on-one. If they slide too much, then they leave themselves vulnerable other places. So obviously better players makes it better.

More on Von Miller

He’s just working hard. He’s able to participate a little bit in the individual stuff and right now, until we get the green light, that’s what he’ll do. So I know ... he’s excited to be back out on the grass and moving around with his teammates and looking forward for what this year might bring for us.

On Von Miller mentoring Lerentee McCray

It’s part of the natural evolution of things for a guy that comes in.  When he got here, guys helped him. Elvis helped him. So now I think he sees himself in a little more of a veteran role. A guy that’s been here who understands what it takes. Trying to give some words of encouragement, some pointers to other players. That’s good stuff.

On Demaryius Thomas

It’s a combination of size, speed, ability to do things after the catch with the ball, go track the ball. And despite him being a big physical guy, he’s a good route runner. So I think that’s the area where he’s really improved with working with Peyton and the timing of it, but that’s what allows you to be special. There are a lot of big talented guys, but not everybody can run precise routes and understand how to get off press and get off jams and read coverages and all those things. He’s worked hard at all that and he’s a really good player for us to go against every day.

On Terrance Knighton

I thought Terrance stepped up and had a big year for us. Really played well down the stretch and he’s now a real anchor for our front. Not only physically, he’s a very strong, talented guy, but also the leadership ability he brings.