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Demaryius Thomas: "Peyton Manning's arm is getting stronger still"

A few months removed from breaking the receptions record in the Super Bowl, Demaryius Thomas is still feeling the sting of that loss. He met with the media today after OTAs to discuss that and other things.
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One of the best wide receivers in the league, Demaryius Thomas, got in front of reporters today to discuss the Super Bowl and the offseason in general. If the Denver Broncos do not find a way to pay this man his weight in gold before the end of next season, I will personally be quite disappointed. You just can't put a price on a guy whose character demands that he continue to get better even when he is already so close to being the best.

On the Super Bowl

I worked hard enough ... to say I’m one of the best in the game. So just doing that, and not winning the game is the main part for me, because all I want to do is win. Not coming up with the win, that’s the main part that really hurts.

It was tough. I didn’t even know about the record until later that night, or whatever. My main focus was on the game, because we went out and we didn’t show up at all. Hopefully we can put ourselves in the same situation and try to go out and play better, because I think we’re capable as a team of putting up more than eight points a game and not letting anybody score that many points on us, especially in that game.

On Peyton Manning

I think he’s picked up where he left off last year. I know I had a pass today that I dropped. I really don’t drop a lot. But it came up on me quicker than usual. So I feel like he’s getting stronger still. He’s just amazed me with some of the things that you see every day on the field.

On Eric Decker

I miss "Deck", but he went somewhere else, and I’m happy for him, and he’s happy, so it’s okay.

On his contract situation

I haven’t thought about it at all. I don’t even know if Decker was talking about it (last year). All we talked about was being able to play with each other again. He wanted to come back, but it just didn’t work out. You really never think about the big payday, or anything like that. We like playing together, and I like playing football.

On Cody Latimer

Cody, we talk every day over the phone, and he’s trying to learn as quick as he can. Even though he can’t be on the field, I can tell that he wants to learn quickly, and you’ve got Emmanuel doing the same thing, and he’s also able to be on the field, so he’s able to be out there with Peyton after OTA practices, doing some of the stuff we did when we first got with Peyton.

On Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders is too fast. He’s quick and fast at the same time. Some guys are quick (or) fast, and you’ve got Wes, who’s quick. Sanders is quick and fast ... I think it’ll be great for the team, because he can go over the top ... I think it’s a big pickup for us. I think he’ll be great.