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2014 NFL Draft: 7 round Denver Broncos mock

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I've been having some fun with the mock simulator. While I'm relatively green when it comes to knowing about prospects, just paying attention to all the talk, all the mocks, and going through some YouTube highlights at least has given me a cliff-notes education about this year's draft class.


My draft philosophy?

Go with the flow.  I'd love to take BPA seriously, but if that means drafting a WR round 1 or RB round 2, I pretty much just use the big board as a general indicator.  In other words, I let the draft fall to me then assess the players remaining, and make my decision.  Rocket science huh?  Whether you like my picks or hate them, I don't particularly want anything out of this except some good discussion.  So let's get to it!

Round 1 #31: OLB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

I'm 99% certain that if this pick occurred here in the draft that most of Broncos Country would collectively wet themselves into euphoria induced coma after which the rest of the draft is rendered meaningless.  Man (and woman) crushes abound on this speedy, freakishly-athletic playmaker.  Undersized? That's what the beef upfront is for.  And while Wesley Woodyard was not the failure the defensive coaching staff would have you believe by his demotion, Shazier is a much more explosive and instinctual player.

Put him at the MIKE from day one and let's forget John Elway ever drafted Nate Irving.

Round 2 #63: DT Dominique Easley, Florida

I believe it is entirely possible that the Broncos do not even draft along the DL.  It certainly isn't a pressing need, nor even a need heading into 2015 in my opinion.  I went against my own feeling on drafting a DL because, well this is a steal IMO.  You're getting a guy with top 10-15 talent late in the 2nd round due to injury.  Before you say "Hey Bronco Mike, you can't spend a 2nd on a guy to stash...I say look at exhibit Brock Osweiler."  I think with the talent and depth on the roster you could afford to let this guy come back slowly and be ready to push as an UT when he's ready.  A potential DT duo of Easley and Williams in the Broncos future looks good to me.

Round 3 #95: CB Pierre Desir, Lindenwood

Seems to have all the measurable, talent, and skill that you want, just a little bit rough.  The biggest knock I hear about this kid seems to be things that point to coaching.  Get his size and athleticism to Dove Valley and let the coaches work him up.  I think secondary is still a big issue and I would love seeing Kavyon Webster, Pierre Desir, and Tony Carter all fight for two spots behind the starters.

Round 4 #131: WR Bruce Ellington, South Carolina

If Ellington is there in round 4, I hope the Broncos take him to groom as the future slot guy.  He fits the mold.  Stature, speed, elusiveness, not to mention a background in basketball as a former point guard.  Ellington has the tools to work small areas and the smarts to learn how and diagnose coverages.  If the Broncos do take a WR, I believe they take a slot guy.  When you look to the future, Welker is not signed in 2015 and with the multiyear deal signed by Sanders, and likelihood that the Broncos will resign Demaryius Thomas, drafting a slot guy makes sense.  Another player to look at for this role depending on where he falls could be Colorado product Paul Richardson.

Round 5 #171: S/C Marqueston Huff, Wyoming

Huff played safety for the Cowboys from what I can tell due to injuries.  He had been a corner before that.  What makes the Broncos front 7 so killer is their talent and versatility across the board.  Being able to add a multi-tool player to your secondary, someone who could make an immediate impact is a no-brainer in round 5.

Round 6 #207: OLB Ron Powell, Florida

Von Miller Lite.  Just kidding, I hate comparing college players to pro players.  Ron would fit perfectly as a SAM LB at the next level.  The reason why he falls this far despite flashing the ability to rush the passer is because he tore his ACL twice in 2012.  Take a flier on a kid with potential and let him battle it out with McCray to backup Von Miller.

Round 7 #246: S Jonathan Dowling

Why in the blue hell has no one talked about this guy?  If we're talking about a playmaking, ballhawking safety that can hit, this is your man.  The reason he finds himself this far down is because he finished off his two year collegiate career at Western Kentucky after being kicked out of Florida by Urban Meyer.  The same Urban Meyer who has coached up thug after thug in his time at Florida.  Apparently this kid was mouthy and non compliant with the coaches.  I know Elway likes to draft choir boys, but this is late enough in the draft after Dowling has proven himself in another program to ignore.

In two seasons at Western Kentucky, Dowling racked up 135 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 14 PD, 8 forced fumbles, and 9 interceptions.  Productivity is also something that Elway covets.   Check out this 4 INT effort:


No I didn't draft OL.  Sue me.  I really look at OL as secondary to well many other spots including the secondary.  If you draft a C, which could happen, you create a strong reserve interior OL.  If you draft an OT, there's no guarantee that player could outperform Clark much less Franklin.

As far as the other picks? Defense early and often.  No running back, because let's remember just how useless that 4th guy is as long as people stay healthy.  Hell, you usually won't see that #3 guy until Brock Osweiler comes into the game with the outcome in hand.

I was able to grab some potential along the defensive line, add much needed depth to the secondary, and a dynamic talent to the starting lineup.  Not bad if I do say myself.

Like I said you might not see it the same way, and while I don't care to argue with you about who's fake draft will be better, I would like to discuss it and continue to sharpen my understanding as a "scout."  Have at it folks!