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Denver Broncos Fans Experiencing Mock Draft Fatigue - Horse Tracks

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Mock Draft Fatigue

I have gotten several groans over how many mock drafts out there. So much so, that it is sapping people's souls. What should have been two weeks of post-draft analysis has now turned into a mock draft frenzy. Thank you Roger Goodell! I am curious though, is there really mock draft fatigue out there or are just a few people complaining directly to me? Vote in my poll below!

Speaking of mock drafts, Andrew Mason's VERSION 8.0 mock is out. He has Kyle Fuller going #31 to the Denver Broncos. I could live with that!

We're getting excited, you know, we've been through and got the board set. -John Elway

NFL Draft Board Set

John Elway was interviewed quickly at a charity event yesterday and you can tell how excited her is for the 2014 NFL Draft to finally arrive on Thursday.  Speaking of that charity event, Elway was honored as the 2014 Champion of Youth award by the Denver Metro Boys and Girls Club.

Horse Tracks