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Horse Tracks: Draft Week Finally Here

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Come Thursday all the speculation and talk will finally be rendered meaningless. The mock drafts will dissipate into oblivion, and we will have our final answer as to how this team will be constructed in 2014.


Some of my pre-draft thoughts

  • The Broncos could very well lose out on the few starting caliber MLB's that would immediately plug the only glaring whole left on defense.  Both Shazier and Mosley could go well before #31, and the Broncos would be left with looking toward only a couple of viable options in the middle rounds. 
  • While this draft is LB lite, it is very DB heavy, and while some see a thin safety class, I see a lot of tweeners later on with the ballhawking skillset to play centerfield. 
  • When I think about drafting offensive line, I ask myself two questions.  1) Will this player be able to unseat Manny Ramirez, 2) Will this player be able to start from day 1 at RT.  I do not have a definitive yes to either of those questions which is why I can accept it if the Broncos decide to forgo any more help along the offensive line.
  • With a team so deep already amongst the starters and really up and down the roster, I would not mind packaging a couple of picks to move up in the 1st to snag someone that will make an impact in 2014.  The way I see it, we may get one starter and one valuable role player for next year and the rest will be relegated to developmental duty.
  • If the Broncos are going to double dip at any position, it might as well be defensive back/safety.  We have three starters coming back from injury, two of which will be UFA in 2015.  The Broncos are one of the few teams equipped to stock up for the future. 
  • I personally don't care if John Elway drafts another QB.  Have at it Duke!
  • The Broncos will draft a WR at some point, get over it.

Mock of the Day


In round 7 Broncos take a chance on Tim Lynch's long lost brother Aaron Lynch, and  I'm 99% certain that if this pick occurred here in the draft that most of Lynch family would collectively wet themselves into a euphoria (hyphen) induced coma after which the rest of the draft would be rendered meaningless.  Can you say #joygasm Timmy?

All joking aside, I'm happy about the first three rounds and happy that the next four guys have an opportunity to work themselves into a roster spot.  I'm seeing Mosley fall in quite a bit of the mocks out there, and I have to remember that old adage of "beware of Alabama defenders".

Horse Tracks

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If quarterbacks Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M and Blake Bortles of Central Florida are among the first eight selections in the NFL draft Thursday, other projected top-10 picks at non-QB positions will get pushed down the board.

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The player the Broncos need in the NFL draft? It's a no-brainer: Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley.

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Johnny Manziel will be in the Broncos' draft room Thursday. John Elway and John Fox will be in there too. They will be sitting in chairs at a large conference table. The third John, more universally known as Johnny Football, will have his name listed on the Broncos' draft board, presumably near the top.

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Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr says teams are telling him they'd like to draft him somewhere with a pick in the 20s on Thursday night. One team with a pick in the 20s in this year's draft, Cleveland at No. 26, is reportedly interested in Carr.

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This mock sucks more than the one Scotty did the other day :P