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Broncos draft rumor: John Fox "loves" DT Ra'shede Hageman

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SI's Peter King says Broncos coach John Fox "loves" DT Ra'Shede Hageman and picks him for the Broncos in his latest mock draft.

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Draft rumors are heating up as the first round approaches May 8th, and we'll be breaking them down as we hear them. Today, SI's Peter King

"John Fox loves Hageman,'' King said one GM told him. King continues: "(P)utting him in a three-man combo platter with Sylvester Williams and Terrance Knighton would be big trouble for the offensive coordinators of the AFC West ... if Hageman can be the kind of consistent player he wasn't always at Minnesota."

Why this makes sense

Broncos GM John Elway loves using his first pick in the draft on defense - see Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, and Sylvester Williams. He believes in a defensive line rotation and knows it's a pretty safe first round pick - expectations are lower than at other positions, where a rookie might see more playing time. Plus, have you been watching this offseason? It's been all defense, all the time.

Why this doesn't make sense

John Elway said the Broncos are targeting best player available (B.P.A.). They're not focusing on any one or two or four players, like the Chiefs. Perhaps they have Hageman high on their board, but that doesn't mean they'd skip over someone they have ranked higher just to grab Ra'Shede.

Likelihood: 5/10

This all depends on how the board falls. If he's the B.P.A., he'll be the pick. If not, he won't be.

You have to take all comments like this with a grain of salt. This comes from the mouth of the mainstream media, from another GM, talking about the Broncos GM. Smokescreen anyone?

What's your take? Do you think Hageman is a fit, and the Broncos are targeting him?