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2014 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Pre-Draft Live Blog

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the hour is upon us! The 2014 NFL Draft begins at 8:00 PM ET, today the 8th day of May. Yes, thank you Roger Goodell for dragging this process out. I won't complain too much, because, well, the draft starts soon!

Here at Mile High Report we will keep all you fellow Broncomaniacs up to date with every morsel of news and review as John Elway and the Denver Broncos position themselves for the best player on their board.

Check out some of the latest NFL Draft coverage and below that is the current draft order heading into tonight's first round. Are you ready for "The Clock"?

Denver Broncos Pre-Draft State of the Roster - Offense
Now that we've taken a look at the defense, let's flip sides and see how our beloved Broncos shape up on offense. I think the common fan would probably guess that we wouldn't need much on offense judging by how 2013 went (record-setting, in case you were living under a rock for a year).

Denver Broncos Pre-Draft State of the Roster - Defense
Sure, we've seen several of these articles so far at Mile High Report, but none so far have fit with my take on things. Bear with me community, and hopefully you'll be enlightened (or enraged as the case may be). Either way, let's talk it out in the comments and get fired up for the Draft that is FINALLY almost here.

Unemcumbered by the Past
We are rapidly approaching the 2014 NFL Draft -- which is now a few days away. Yes, sometimes I end up being "Captain Obvious." What may not be quite as obvious is the fact that this draft is going to be somewhat different from recent previous drafts. What is going to make the Broncos' 2014 draft unique?

2014 Denver Broncos Pre-Draft Depth Chart
I've gone through the entire Broncos roster and organized it into a pre-draft depth chart. The pecking order for the most part is accurate. As far as the scrubs or players with future contracts,...

John Elway says Broncos will take best player available in the draft
In his pre-draft press conference, Broncos GM John Elway talked about Denver's draft strategy and said they will target the best player available in 2014.

Tweetcap: John Elway talks draft
Here are some quick hits from John Elway's pre-draft presser.

A Denver Broncos Mock Draft
Our Broncos mock draft continues as we fill out the rest of the Broncos' draft choices through all seven rounds.

John Fox "loves" DT Ra'shede Hageman
SI's Peter King says Broncos coach John Fox "loves" DT Ra'Shede Hageman and picks him for the Broncos in his latest mock draft.

2014 NFL Draft: Scouting Cornerback Kyle Fuller
One prospect who the Denver Broncos have shown some interest in is Virginia Tech Cornerback Kyle Fuller. Fuller is a 6'0, 190lb cornerback prospect who I believe would a perfect fit for the Denver Broncos defense.

Current Draft Order

2014 NFL Draft - Round 1
1 KC
10 TEN
11 SD
12 MIA
13 NYJ
14 CAR
15 NO
16 STL
17 PIT
18 DAL
19 NYG
20 CHI
21 CIN
22 STL
23 MIN
24 IND
25 MIN
26 GB
27 HOU
28 DEN
29 NE
30 ATL
31 SF
32 BAL