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2014 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Draft Live Blog (Picks 1-18)

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Here we go! Welcome to the 2014 NFL Draft live blog. Due to our great community, I expect to add additional posts for performance reasons. We'll start with the first 10 picks and go from there!

The Denver Broncos first pick comes around at the tail end of tonight's draft event, but according to rumors John Elway is looking to move up. No doubt, he'll end up keeping us all on the edge of our seats until he selects some tackle or guard at #31. You watch. And now I am telling myself, "Please be wrong".

NOTE: Keep refreshing this page after each pick as I will be updating this thread live with reactions from our own MHR Staffers. Go Broncos!

MHR's Top 5 Available

Rank Player Position Avg. Rank
1. Bridgewater, T QB 13.27
2. Clinton-Dix, H FS 16.36
3. Manziel, J QB 17.18
4. Dennard, D CB 18.36
5. Nix, L DT 22.36

First Round - 2014 NFL Draft

2014 NFL Draft - Round 1
1 HOU Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina No surprise here. The Texans get Jadeveon Clowney to pair with J.J Watt. Andrew Luck does not approve of this.~Scotty
Clowney has the worst pressure % of any defensive lineman taken #1 overall, if he succeeds it will only be because of Watt.~Topher
2 STL Greg Robinson Auburn The Rams get a very good Tackle prospect in Robinson. He's a helluva run blocker, and a very good pass blocker. He's been compared to some of the greats like Orlando Pace and Walter Jones. ~Scotty
Smart pick by the Rams, better if they could have traded down but can't get lucky twice and get the haul they did with Griffin. Now if they nab a WR later in the draft they should continue to compete (but lose to) in the NFC W. ~Topher
3 JAX Blake Bortles Central Florida This a big surprise. I think the Jags could have traded back and taken Bortles, but the Jags needed a QB really bad. Good pick, but should have traded back. ~Scotty
Jags fans can expect Bortles to never have a winning record, again. When your team is that bad no QB, minus an elite few, are going to win. ~Topher
4 PHI Sammy Watkins Clemson The Bills trade up and get the best receiver in the draft. Adding Watkins give E.J Manuel another option to go along with Stevie Johnson and C.J Spiller. ~Scotty
Watkins adds a real weapon at WR that they've lacked for a while to go with two solid RB's. ~Topher
5 OAK Khalil Mack Buffalo Well that sucks. The Raiders get the best player in the draft in my opinion. Get used to be knocked on your butt by Ryan Clady Mack! ~Scotty
Raiders continue their trend of drafting better since the passing of Al Davis, Mack adds talent to a defense that lacked bite after they lost all that talent after 2012. ~Topher
6 CLE Jake Matthews Texas A&M The Falcons get their LT. They get a LT to block for Matty "Ice" Ryan. Bloodlines! ~Scotty
They need a tackle, but they also need to upgrade at TE and on defense. Not bad. ~Topher
7 TAM Mike Evans Texas A&M The Bucs get another 6'5 receiver to pair with Vincent Jackson. A good pick for the Bucs. ~Scotty
Bucs don't have a lot of needs so adding more weapons for new coach Lovie Smith is smart. ~Topher
8 CLE Justin Gilbert Oklahoma State The Browns get Justin Gilbert to pair with Joe Haden. The Browns have a very good defense. ~Scotty
Browns waste the 1st rounder they picked up moving down to move up and select a solid CB. Good pick, bad move trading down. ~Topher
9 MIN Anthony Barr UCLA The Vikings get a very good pass rusher with a ton of upside! Barr will help replace Jared Allen. ~Scotty
Vikings need a pass rusher to replace Jared Allen and Barr is my favorite pass rusher in this draft. ~Topher
10 DET Eric Ebron North Carolina The Lions just themselves another weapon to go along with Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. The Lions have a very explosive offense. ~Scotty
Ebron is the best TE in this draft but considering the state of the Lions roster I don't like this pick. ~Topher
11 TEN Taylor Lewan Michigan The Titans get themselves a big Left Tackle to help protect Jake Locker. Very good pick for the Titans. ~Scotty
Titans already have a good OL so this surprises me, with the age of their OL, might be looking to move this guy around in camp to see where he can play. ~Topher
12 NYG Odell Beckham LSU The Giants get themselves a weapon to replace Hakeem Nicks, and another receiver for Eli Manning. The very explosive Beckham Jr is a good pick for the Giants ~Scotty
Coughlin is holding this team together with duct tape and his will power, give Eli some weapons is a nice place to begin the fix. ~Topher
13 STL Aaron Donald Pittsburgh Congrats Nastyj for mocking this pick perfectly in our community mock draft! ~MHR Staff
The Rams get themselves a very good defensive player here in Aaron Donald. The Rams have a very scary defensive line. Chris Long, Michael Brockers, Donald and Quinn. Damn. ~Scotty
The Rams lost out with both Evans and Beckham being taken before it came to them but they grab a great DT to add to their already fantastic defense. ~Topher
14 CAR Kyle Fuller Virginia Tech The Bears get themselves a very good corner prospect who should thrive in Chicago. ~Scotty
Bears have serious needs on defense since the firing of Lovie Smith. Fuller might fix at least one of those issues. ~Topher
15 NO Ryan Shazier Ohio State NOOOOOOOOOO (breath) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~Scotty
He's talented but considering the massive issues across their entire defense, I don't think he's what they need to begin to fix their defense, let alone their offense. ~Topher
16 DAL Zack Martin Notre Dame The Cowboys get one of the best players in the entire draft in Zach Martin. He's super versatile and will help fix the Cowboys Offensive Line. ~Scotty
Jerry Jones makes a smart pick trying to protect Romo, I believe 3 of Romo's 10 INT's came when hit. ~Topher
17 BAL C.J. Mosely Alabama The Ravens get another Linebacker to play alongside second year Pro Arthur Brown. Ozzie Newsome loves his Alabama players. ~Scotty
The Ravens like to draft defense and while I'm not a Mosley fan he fits what they want and can work within their system. ~Topher
18 NYJ Calvin Pryor Louisville The Jets get themselves a hard hitting strong safety in Calvin Pryor. He's the type of player that Rex Ryan loves. ~Scotty
The Jets upgraded nearly every position on offense, smart pick to upgrade their defense, classic Rex Ryan pick. ~Topher
19 NYG
20 CHI
21 CIN
22 STL
23 MIN
24 IND
25 MIN
26 GB
27 HOU
28 DEN
29 NE
30 ATL
31 SF
32 BAL