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2014 NFL Draft: Rumor: The Broncos interested in trading up for Blake Bortles?

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Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning SI's Peter King released an article listing the 10 things he think's that will happen later today in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Number seven on his list seemed to point out that the Denver Broncos are very interested in UCF Quarterback Blake Bortles.

Here's the quote.

7. I think there’s a team with a very good veteran quarterback in his 30s that loves Blake Bortles. Just loves him. And if Bortles somehow falls into the twenties, this team is going to try to trade for a pick to get him.

A team with a very good veteran QB in his 30's who picks late in the first round. To me it narrows the field to the Patriots and the Broncos. Now the Patriots are rumored to be wanting to move back, while the Broncos want to move up.

Also some experts see the Broncos and Bortles connection as well.

So Broncos fans, if Blake Bortles makes it to the twenties, be prepared for John Elway to at least look into moving up for Blake Bortles. I personally wouldn't be a huge fan of this move. Also does this mean that Brock Osweiler would be traded?

Tell me what you guys think.


The Denver Posts Mike Klis is saying the rumors of Bortles are false.