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2014 NFL Draft Roundtable: Broncos select CB Bradley Roby

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Here are the thoughts and reactions from the MHR staff after the Denver Broncos selected CB Bradley Roby 31st overall.

Jamie Sabau

Bronco Mike

GM/VP John Elway bucked a trend, he took a player high in the draft with some character concerns.  In fact this might be the first pick in Elway's tenure of a prospect who had character concerns.  I always dismissed Roby because of this even though I felt he was one of the best corners in the draft.  I was surprised that Elway pulled the trigger, but I am happy to have Roby on the team.

From day one you can pencil him in as the #3 guy which means he will play outside in our nickel/dime packages when Chris Harris Jr. kicks inside to cover the slot.  In reality Roby can play both inside and outside and adds some much needed versatility and depth to a talented but banged up secondary.

Jacob Dearlove

I like the Roby pick. Despite the character concerns that come along with the Ohio State corner, he's a great addition to the Broncos' secondary. Adding Roby gives the Broncos a tough, physical secondary, similar to what they saw against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. The speed and tenacity of Roby are his greatest characteristics, and I like what he could do as a nickel corner for the Broncos in year one, with the opportunity to step into a bigger role moving forward.

Tim Lynch

He is a tough, scrappy player that has a few character concerns. However, the rewards far outweigh the risks at this point with the Championship window closing. I have been angling for Roby since I first began looking into cornerback prospects about a month ago. Out of all the first round prospects, he seemed to be the meanest, toughest guy of the group. I call this a win!

Scotty Payne

I like the pick!  We needed some cornerback depth and now we have Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, Bradley Roby and Kayvon Webster. I like it! We have a great looking defense on paper.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkman

I'm good with this pick! Roby is a little short in my opinion at 5'11 against the 6'1+ wide receivers, but he's aggressive, agile and can jump! Plus he's known for blocking punts and I love that - always gets the fans excited, the defense is jacked and the offense feels powerful. Probably needs to improve his tackling and take care of off-field issues to be a great player for us, but the current Broncos administration and team leaders know how take care of that. Welcome Roby!

Christopher Hart

In a draft that featured a plethora of quality wide receivers, undoubtedly quality corners were going to be in high priority.   I thought Roby was going to go earlier than this -- so I am pleased to have him on the Denver Broncos.  He didn't have the best tape as a junior, but he is one of the most athletic corners in the draft and has a lot of potential.  He has a unique skill set, but needs play with more consistency.  Off the field concerns also caused him to drop, but he should have plenty of quality mentors and great coaches in John Fox and Jack Del Rio to coach him up.

At the end of the day, a pass happy NFL requires several quality corners.  Aqib Talib, Chris Harris and Bradley Roby will be one of the best trio's of cornerbacks in the NFL.  Kayvon Webster and Tony Carter will make quality reserves.  Denver did the right thing sticking to their board and not trading down with what was offered to them.   There was absolutely no chance that Roby would have been there at #40 had the trade materialized with Minnesota.   I would give this a selection a firm A based on need and value.

Topher Doll

I am cautiously optimistic, and as the minutes pass, I am finding that caution is fading into excitement. -Monty

I think Roby is the best 1st or 2nd round pick since Von was taken. He seems like a good fit and is psychically talented enough to come in and play. With the health issues surrounding Talib and Harris, it's good to have some more depth to go along with fellow youngster Webster. While I still have questions entering round 2 Roby presented a talented player who fit a need well, just what you want when you pick late in the 1st round.

Kyle Montgomery

Bradley Roby is a boom-or-bust pick in my mind. His 2013 season left a little bit to be desired, but with a disciplined offseason, he could hit the ground running in Denver. And he has all the tools to learn discipline in Denver - Peyton Manning has no patience for those without a good work ethic, and that has trickled all the way down the locker room since Manning's been in Denver. Roby is impressively athletic; he's a special teams ace, and he has been very productive against good competition at Ohio State (a whopping 35 pass breakups the past two seasons).  I am cautiously optimistic, and as the minutes pass, I am finding that caution is fading into excitement.

Thanks to the staff for their thoughts, expect these for every one of the Broncos picks as we roll into the weekend.  GO BRONCOS!!!