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The Twitter verdict is in - Bradley Roby is a solid first-round pick

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John Elway surprised many Broncos fans by picking a 5'11 cornerback as his No. 1, but the quarterback-turned-GM is sending a message to the OrangeCrush2k14 - be strong or be done.


While most of the country watching Round 1 of the NFL Draft last night was obsessed with what would happen #BeforeManzielGetsDrafted, Broncos fans were seeing player after player from their hundreds of mock drafts fall off the board.

But once the Broncos were on the clock, John Elway surprised a few by taking Ohio State's Bradley Roby, a 5'11, 194-pound cornerback known for his athleticism on the field...but also a few recent poor decisions off the field.

But the Broncos' third-year GM said Roby - who was their highest available player left - had a "tremendous upside" and would make an immediate impact.

Think that February game is still burning the Front Office? Between free agency and the first round pick, Elway has made it clear he expects a fast, tough, dominating defense with depth.

Character issues be damned. If ever there were a franchise to turn those around, it's the Broncos.

Regardless of the cautious optimism from analysts, Broncos teammates and fans were quick to give Roby the Mile High Salute.

And the Broncos' newest corner even got a nod on Twitter from his coach at Ohio State:

So what does Roby think about coming into a recently beefed up defense?

Welcome to the Mile High city, Trevathan says, let's get this done.