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2014 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Draft Live Blog (Round 3)

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

That would be the first two rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft in the books! The Denver Broncos drafted a cornerback and a wide receiver. The first pick is generally liked by Broncos Country, but there have been some mixed reactions on the wide receiver.

Cody Latimer won't likely see the field much in 2014, so this looks more like a long term pick. Bradley Roby is also a long term pick, but he will likely be able to contribute immediately in 2014. This is probably why fans are more split on Latmier than they are with Roby.

Even more damning is that John Elway pretty much over pays for every single trade he makes in the draft. The Broncos really need to find someone who can negotiate better deals. The fourth round pick in 2015 was completely unnecessary if you ask me, but the deal is done. Time to move on, I guess!

What do you all think?  I'm thinking maybe it might be a good spot tonight to pick up an offensive lineman to close out this Friday evening.