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Instant Reactions: Broncos select WR Cody Latimer after trading up

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The MHR staff gives you the skinny on what they think of the Latimer pick!

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Bronco Mike

Love the pick.  I Was one of the few that pegged WR as a need and even targeted Latimore in a couple of mock drafts.  He's a big, quick prospect that catches everything thrown his way.  He was targeted 119 times last year and logged only 1 drop.

This has implications for the future.  His measurable and talent are every bit in line with Demaryius Thomas coming out of college.  I would not be surprised one bit if Latimore were to replace Thomas next season if Thomas foray into FA drives up too high a price for the Broncos.

As far as the price of moving up?  The Broncos basically gave up their 5th round pick this season.  Next season they should be able to recoup that 4th rounder as a compensatory selection.

Oh, remember Broncos fans, we used the 49ers 2nd round pick which they acquired from KC for Alex Smith.  That means we selected a WR with the Chiefs pick;)

Scotty Payne

I love this pick!  Demaryius Thomas is a free agent at the end of the year, Wes Welker is one concussion away from retirement so the Broncos add a big/fast receiver for Peyton Manning.  The Broncos offense on paper is stacked, and I couldn't be happier. This was a great value pick, and Elway made a solid trade in my opinion. 
Loving this draft thus far!

Kyle Montgomery

Cody Latimer is a tall, fast, productive wide receiver in the mold of Eric Decker. That sounds great. I have nothing against the player. But you know me - I'm all about Best Player Available, and this spits in the face of the BPA philosophy.   Also, poor Bubba Caldwell. Kid can't catch a break. Or a pass. Latimer will catch them all instead.

Topher Doll

Let me be clear, I wanted a WR in this draft. But having said that Latimer was expected to go in the 3rd or 4th and trading up to take what is expected to be your #4 WR is generally unwise. Latimer isn't a bad WR but not in the 2nd and not for a position that isn't at a premium at the moment. Unless this is a bargaining move against DT, this just seems like an odd pick. Not a need, not BPA, and will be the #4 WR this season.  Elway can get away with a bit more though with only a few needs but the Broncos still need to address S and OL.

Big Pete

I give this pick a thumbs down. Not because Latimer isn't a good prospect, because he is. It's because WR isn't the second biggest position of need on the Broncos. We got a starter with our 1st round pick, but did we get a starter with our 2nd? Who is Latimer going to supplant in order to "start"? DT? Welker? Sanders? I don't think so. So what did Elway accomplish with MOVING UP in the 2nd round? He got a #4 WR this year. I'm sorry, but our #4 WR won't help us win any games. Some might say he's the "Decker replacement", but he isn't the Decker replacement this year. Sanders is.

I guess this means we're sitting pretty for next year right? Yeah, tell that to all the "we wasted our 2nd round pick on Brock" guys. What Elway did now is what he did a few years ago. He sacrificed an impact starter TODAY for a starter in some season down the road. This is why I have a problem with this pick. We have far larger holes in the roster than WR, especially with Peyton Manning at the helm.

Christopher Hart

Bolstering our group of wideouts with Thomas and Welker being FA is sensible, but Denver panicked.   The trade value was poor and they clearly rushed it when Green Bay snagged Davante Adams, who was likely rated higher on their board. Latimer has good skills and performed well during workouts, but there have been whispers that the Hoosier product may need a few years before he actually can contribute due to concerns regarding work ethic and ability to grasp complex offensive systems.   He is raw and has a ways to go.   This pick gets a big thumbs down.

Tim Lynch

The more I talk with these fine people on the staff and the community on Mile High Report, the more I am convinced that maybe I'm worrying over nothing. It certainly looks like Cody Latimer could become a dominant force on the field opposite Demaryius Thomas. So ... Go Broncos!