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Instant Reactions: Broncos snag OT Michael Schofield in 3rd round

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Here are our thoughts!

Bronco Mike

Need pick, first one I'm meh about.  We're also getting into the the territory where I'm going to know less about the prospects being taken.  Michael played both LG and RT in college.  At the Senior Bowl he played well and was at LG.  The Broncos are going to put he, Clark, and Franklin through the ringer in every RG/LT combo possible, and the best due will start.  Worst case scenario, you know have quality depth which is something that is sorely missing especially at the Guard spot.

Topher Doll

This pick is a need, pure and simple because in no world is he BPA and I wanted some interior offensive line help but just screams desperation after top interior offensive line players have been taken. He's not a bad player but he doesn't seem like starter material, but even if he doesn't start at least he adds depth to an offensive line that desperately needs help.

Also to note that Schofield didn't make any big board I could find or track, at all. No top 100 or 200 list had him that I could find, kind of surprising, you'd think he'd make at least one. So far this draft the Broncos are taking players the the 3rd highest above their average projection. Now big boards aren't everything for some players but when it becomes a trend, that's for real.

A need pick but like many of Elway's picks the previous two drafts, I don't understand why or when a player is taken. I liked Roby but the past two have confused me. I will say I can't wait to see them in camp and the pre-season, see if they can live up to the expectations Elway has put on them by taking them so high.

Big Pete

In all honesty, I don't really know who this guy is, but he fits a much needed hole in our offensive line, so I'm giving this pick a huge Thumbs Up! My disdain for Clark starting at Right Tackle has been well documented, and it appears as if Elway agrees (so suck it everyone who keeps disagreeing with me). Elway drafted Schofield to be a tackle, and a tackle he will be. Move over Clark, you can go back to being very good depth. Welcome to Denver Mike. You best put your hard hat on, because you're protecing the most important person in the entire NFL.

Tim Lynch

It makes sense for John Elway and John Fox to add a little competition for Chris Clark at the right tackle position. I thought that with how well Ryan Clark Chris Clark handled the left tackle position at times proved he could probably handle the other side much more effectively. If not, well now we FINALLY have a Plan B!

Kyle Montgomery

Upside? Check. Versatility? Check. Decent size and speed? Check. Starter material in Year One? Not so much.  Michael Schofield seems like a project to me. I defer to the draft experts about whether he was a reach - as Topher documented, it certainly seems like he was. But his measurables and experience suggest it could be an oversight by the "experts" in mock draftdom. I'm not convinced this pick was BPA, but offensive line depth is always, always, always good. Let he, Chris Clark, and Orlando Franklin battle in training camp. Let the two best men come out on top as starting right tackle and left guard Week One.