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Broncos draft pick Bradley Roby signs his rookie contract

All six Broncos draft picks are now under contract.

Bradley Roby signs his rookie contract.
Bradley Roby signs his rookie contract.

And then there were none.

The Denver Broncos' entire 2014 draft class is signed, sealed and delivered as of Tuesday afternoon. First round draft pick Bradley Roby has signed his rookie contract, according to media attending minicamp today. The Broncos' other five draft picks all signed their rookie contracts last week.

Roby's deal is expected to be for $6.95 million over four years, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement's slotted rookie contract arrangement.

"I'm going to buy my mom whatever she wants," Roby said Tuesday.

Unlike the rest of his draft classmates, Roby's contract will also include a fifth-year option, since he is a first round draft pick. The Broncos recently exercised that same option on Von Miller.

Roby had an interesting minicamp practice today. Aside from suddenly becoming a millionaire, he and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders reportedly collided during practice, a sight that drew gasps from those in attendance. Both he and Sanders were fine and productive immediately following the collision. Roby was even seen keeping pace with superstar wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

Now Thomas will have to keep pace with Roby, when it comes to signing Broncos contracts.