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Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas ranked as 49th-best player by NFL Network

Denver Broncos star wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas, comes in a laughable 49th on's Top 100 players of 2014 list.

Stephen Dunn

Let me get this out of the way now. Demaryius Thomas is the third or fourth best wide receiver in the NFL. Period. However, when a subjective list is made, fans get angry and this fan is angry now.

Apparently, even NFL fans are shaking their head as Thomas is easily getting heavily voted "underrated" so far, since this list has been released. Okay, so say you disagree with me on some point about how good DT is. What do you think of this guy being ranked higher on the list?

Would you really take Vincent Jackson over Demaryius Thomas? What a joke. I am sure most Denver Broncos understand this, but let's go ahead and get over to and make DT's vote one of the most lopsided of polls this list has garnered so far.

If you agree with the ranking, then please check out some highlight reels below, then go vote "underrated".