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Tweetastic: Talking Madden NFL 15, Chris Harris Jr., Broncos in TV ads, and more

Welcome to another edition of Tweetastic! Sharing idiotic, humorous, inquisitive, and notable tweets since 2013.

(EA Sports)

In our last Tweetastic story, we talked about Knowshon Moreno, the NFL Draft, and a few offseason rumors. Today, we have video games, obnoxious cursed cornerbacks, television commercials, and more!

Let's get to it, shall we?


The Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning recently announced "new relationships" with Nationwide Insurance, which basically means you'll see a lot more Nationwide signage around Sports Authority Field and Peyton will be starring in many more commercials.

The latter part of the deal (more Manning commercials) is the best part, in our opinion. You can never have too much Peyton. The deal, Brandon Perna humorously suggests in his latest YouTube video, will give each Broncos player "stupidity insurance." (Note: Perna's videos are somewhat NSFW.)

While Peyton continues to build his brand, it looks like another Broncos player is getting into the commercial business.

Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton displayed his acting skills in his latest commercial, which may be the first of many. Move over, Peyton. Pot Roast has the potential to become an endorsement guru in Colorado.

Coming soon: 2015 NFL Draft

The NFL started rolling out information on the 2015 Draft earlier this week. Of note, the draft will not be more than a week into May this year, and it may last four days.

The league is presumably asking potential host cities to give their best pitch (the draft will not be held at Radio City Music Hall next year). Where the draft is located is not of much importance, the bigger story is the length of the draft.

Four days seems to be a bit overkill, but maybe not if an additional round or two were added on.

Adding an extra round would make sense if the NFL is planning to add another day.

NFL's Top 100 List

Through 51 rankings, NFL Network has revealed six Broncos players among their Top 100 Players of 2014 list.

Three of those players, though, should have an asterisk by them because they haven't played at all in Denver yet. That's what a Raiders fan told me, anyone. (Click here and scroll down to read the conversation.)

Still to be named on the list is Manning and receiver Demaryius Thomas. Four more players that should be on the list are left tackle Ryan Clady, cornerback Chris Harris Jr., tight end Julius Thomas, and Knighton. Pot Roast doesn't think he will be, though.

Knighton does believe, however, that Manning and both Thomases will make the cut.

At the end of the day, anywhere from seven to ten Broncos are expected to make the list this year. That's a big improvement from 2013, when the team had five players represented (Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Wes Welker, Champ Bailey, and Thomas).

NBA and NHL Finals

The NHL and NBA Finals are in full swing, providing us football fans with a little entertainment while we wait for training camp and football season to arrive. The two leagues set up some nifty scheduling, with one sport playing one night and the other sport playing on the next night, never overlapping. Now that's thinking of the fans (and ratings).

Game 1 of the NBA Finals featured Cramp Gate from LeBron James.

I'm going to be honest, comparing injuries—especially two totally different kind of injuries—is really not fair, but everybody was talking about it and I had to jump on the bandwagon. At the end of the day, James is a world class athlete and cramps can be paralysing. If anyone's to blame, in my opinion, it's Miami's training staff. But that's another topic for another day.

That's my take. The general public wasn't so nice.

First came #Tebowing, now there's #LeBronning.

Peyton's Head was quick to point out that there was no air conditioning at the Super Bowl, either.

The Arizona Cardinals even got in on the action.

James, who used to be sponsored by Gatorade, is now sponsored by Powerade. Cue the social media slamming in 3 . . .  2 . . . 1 . . .

Ironically, LeBron was actually drinking Gatorade during the game.

The Spurs are currently leading the series 2-1. In the NHL Finals, the L.A. Kings can sweep the series with a win over the New York Rangers tonight. (Editor's note: This story was written before Game 4 of the NHL Finals.)


I stumbled across an awesome stat on Chris Harris on MHR's Facebook page the other day that I had to share.

The tweet compared Harris to the Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman and blew up on social media. Speaking of Sherman, he just won the Madden NFL 15 cover vote. You know what that means.

Speaking of Madden, this year's edition of the game will include tattoos again. Well, sort of.

As Samit Sarkar explained in his articled linked in the tweet above, EA Sports had to acquire a copyright agreement from Colin Kaepernick's tattoo artist to use the tats in their video game. As of now, Kaep is the only player in the game with realistic tattoos, all other players either have generic or no tats.

Moving on to a different note, Broncos linebacker Nate Irving dyed the tips of his hair for picture day last year.

Denver had their 2014 picture day earlier this week.

Other tweets of note: The NFL will ditch Roman numerals for "Super Bowl 50," Kayvon Webster was the first to reveal an image of the team's AFC Championship rings, I put together a graphic projection of Denver's defensive starters for 2014, Terrell Davis ranked himself way too low in a Top Five 2,000-Yard Rushers list, some Broncos fan is driving around in a sick car, and Miller and T.J. Ward look pretty awesome in early Madden screens, as does running back Montee Ball.

That's all the tweet's we have for now. For a chance to be featured in our next Tweetastic story, hit me up on Twitter, @JonHeathNFL.