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Horse Tracks: Very Superstitious

Happy Friday the 13th Broncos Country! Are you a superstitious person when it comes to sports? If your team is on a winning streak, do you look to give your team some help by not showering, not shaving or by wearing the same bandwagon clothes week in and week out? Well in honor of this Friday the 13th, here are some sure-fire, ripe and tested rituals to keep your team in the win column!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Chiefs fan...

Rub your head while hopping up and down on your LEFT foot.  Both shoes must be un-tied and your right pocket should hang out.  After doing this for precisely 1 minute and 47 seconds, start recitin' the name "Joe Montana" over and over.

I figure since he was the last Chiefs QB to lead the Chiefs to a playoff victory, he's the one to lift the 21-year old curse.

If you're a Chargers fan...

Log onto "" and click on one of the Chargers home games.  While saying "I am not worthy" 17 times in honor of Phillip Rivers, purchase tickets to a game.  The real hard part is realizing you just overpaid to watch Mike McCoy dial up the old "run-run-pass."  On the bright side, you can be one of the few that can claim you ever attended a Charger regular season home game.

If you're a Raiders fan...

You're probably having this read to you by your Bronco loving cousin.  No worries though, we're not going to ask you to learn how to read.

Instead you're going to go outside and walk two blocks in any direction without stepping on any cracks.  If you manage to do this successfully and without being shot, Khalil Mack will not become another top-10 bust.

If you're a Broncos fan...

Make the sign of the cross every time you pass by a church or cemetery.  You're not actually praying for anyone in particular, you're praying that the next time the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl they don't get blown out....Too soon?

NFL Network Rankings (Top 100)

I've seen a lot of outrage about where folks are listed and I have a solution.  Don't watch.  This isn't something to be taken seriously.  There is no rhyme or reason to it, it's just filler to get you through the offseason.  I love not having cable TV!

Horse Tracks

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