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Report: The Broncos have made a contract offer to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas

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The Broncos are working on locking up Demaryius Thomas

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Lombardi of CBS4 is reporting that the Denver Broncos have made an initial contract offer to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Per Lombardi the deal is a five-year deal, though he doesn't mention specifics on the money.

The Broncos have made it known that they would like to sign Demaryius Thomas before the start of Training Camp in late July.

Earlier this week Mike Klis of the Denver Post reported that the Broncos opened contract talks with the agents of both Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas. It appears that they're serious about locking up Demaryius Thomas.

"We've already talked to them to see if we can do something before the beginning of the year," Elway said. "We'd like to get something done before the beginning of camp. We don't want to do anything once training camp starts. They're both in their last years, and we'd like for them to stay and be Broncos for a long time."

- John Elway

Thomas has put up some monster numbers since Quarterback Peyton Manning has signed with the Broncos. In two seasons with Manning, Thomas has totaled 186 receptions for 2,864 yards and 24 touchdowns. That averages out to be 93 receptions for 1,432 yards and 12 touchdowns a year for the playmaking wide receiver.

Thomas has certainly proved his worth to the Broncos, and they're planning to reward him with a contract he deserves.

It's been speculated that Thomas and his agent will be asking for something around 12 million dollars a year. In 2012 Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson signed a eight-year deal worth up to $132 million dollars. Johnson's contract is worth $60 million guaranteed. That contract makes Calvin the highest paid receiver in the league.

I don't expect Thomas to ask for anything like that. I would look for Thomas's agent to ask for something around what Percy Harvin received (five year - $64,245,000 deal. $14.5 million guaranteed), and what Mike Wallace received (5 year - $60 million contract. Guaranteed $30 million).

While nothing seems imminent on both sides, it's something for us to keep a close eye on. We here at Mile High Report will keep you updated on this developing story.

Go Broncos!