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Interactive map: Where in Broncos Country do you live?

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Where in Broncos Country are you?


Okay, BFTB recently ran with a really cool idea and we are stealing it.

Make sure you are signed into Google, then head over to our Mile High Report Community Map and add yourself!

  • Step 1:  Select "Add marker."
  • Step 2:  Hover over the general area where you live and click.
  • Step 3:  Edit "Point X" and replace it with your MHR username.
  • Step 4:  Zoom out and view MHR's community all around the world!

Click "Fullscreen" on the upper-right-hand side of the map above to add yourself.

It will take a few moments (take your time), but it's fairly easy to figure out. Check back over the next few hours and days to watch to map grow and tell your Bronco-loving friends about it!

Let's see if we can make our map more populated than Bolts From the Blue's!