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Broncos-Cardinals: Terrance Knighton and Tyrann Mathieu engaged in a brief Twitter battle this summer

Looks like we have a little rivalry brewing between the Broncos and Cardinals and Pot Roast and Honey Badger.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Ed: We bumped this post back up, changed "Twitter war" to "brief Twitter battle" because that's more accurate, and re-opened the comments.

After last night's game five between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs where the Spurs defeated LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Cardinals safety/cornerback Tyrann Mathieu compared the NBA Finals to the Super Bowl. Mathieu tweeted out "This is turning out to be worse than the super bowl..".


Well Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton took offense to this tweet from a fellow NFL player.

I don't take any nonsense especially from other players. Him being in the fraternity of playing football should have known better- Terrance Knighton

If you follow Knighton on Twitter, you know he's a frequent tweeter, so it didn't take long for Knighton to catch wind of this tweet. About 17 minutes Knighton responded to this tweet saying,  "Don't worry. Y'all on the schedule.".

Shots fired! Mathieu has yet to respond to this tweet, but it'll be interesting to see if this feud dies quickly, or will it stay in the teams' back of the mind until they meet in week five of the season.

After practice today, Knighton spoke about his tweet to Mathieu.

"I took it personal and I knew the risk of writing back" Knighton said after practice. "Like I said they're on the schedule and we have a heck of an offense and we'll see what he tweets after that."

I like seeing this from Knighton, who appears to be taking a leadership role this offseason. Knighton is sticking up for his teammates here, and this will give the Broncos some "billboard material" for the regular season.

The Cardinals head to Denver in week five of the season to face the Denver Broncos, and it appears that Knighton is marking this one on his calendar.

Don't anger a sleeping bear, Honey Badger!

Go Broncos!