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Horse Tracks: Bank robbery edition

Ordinarily, Wednesdays in the offseason are kind of slow for news, but there's something serious I need to ask you all... Which one of you robbed the US Bank in Pocatello, Idaho? They've got your picture on the security camera and you may as well fess up and turn yourself in. Anyone? Okay, we all know that the man the authorities are looking for is likely an Oakland Raiders fan trying to sully the Broncos good name by sporting some of our gear while committing his crime. Oldest trick in the book. Hey, how about some Horse Tracks?!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


While I am impressed that Broncos Country stretches all the way to the bank vault at a US Bank in Idaho, you got to wonder what this goof was thinking holding up a bank in the first place.


It looks like the Raiders and Cowboys will be holding joint practices during training camp this year... because of course they are. Cosmically, it makes a ton of sense. Too bad Hard Knocks won't be there to capture all that mediocrity on film.


In not-so-shocking news, former linebacker Elvis Dumervil was not so happy with his first season with the Baltimore Ravens. How can that be Elvis? Were it not for a long line at the Kinkos fax machine, you'd have gone to the Super Bowl last year. Instead, you got to kick it with Joe Flacco and those spooky eyebrows of his. How could you not be satisfied with that?


Broncos Ring-of-Fame running back, Terrell Davis, says that the NFL's efforts to stop touchdown celebrations won't work. He also goes on to make a case for himself as a better running back than Hall-of-Famer Curtis Martin. I agree with him. Definitely worth the watch.


In concussion news, the NFL may start using accelerometers in football helmets by 2015. What does this mean? It means more data to show what more can be done to protect players from brain injury. How do we get this kind of information to be made public. That's an ESPN Sports Science segment I'd love to see.


Every few days during the offseason there's always new articles coming out that champion a particular player for...doing his job. Rookies or veterans, these articles are all the same regardless who they're about. The person they pick is always hungry to get better, learn, grow as a leader, and blah blah blah... When does the season start? This week, picked Julius Thomas to be that guy. Just once, I'd love to see an article like this where they profile an athlete who claims to have learned enough and spends his days in the hot tub eating peanut butter out of the jar with a serving spoon. Not one of our players, mind you...