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Playmakers from the bench - who is the Broncos' "John Brooks?"

John Brooks hit an epic header to give Team USA the go-ahead goal in an improbable win over Ghana in Monday night's World Cup action. Is there a player on the Denver Broncos roster who could come off the bench and help throw down a huge win like that this season? Tell us.

Laurence Griffiths

Whether you've bought into "the beautiful game" hype or are remaining steadfastly against futbol over football, you have to appreciate what happened Monday night in the USA v. Ghana game of the 2014 World Cup.

Yes, you have to.

A guy off the bench - and not just any guy off the bench, but a guy who no one knows because he's 14 or something and had been playing in Germany until 2012 - comes in for the second half to replace injured defender Matt Besler.

With just four minutes of the grueling regulation 90 minutes to go, the American-born but German-raised John Anthony Brooks Jr. put the United States up 2-1 via a header off a corner kick.

Let me say that again...a header off a corner kick. And now Brooks has been dubbed, "Johnny Futbol."

Ridiculous. Unbelievable. Amazing.

It was like watching John Elway in his rookie debut against the Baltimore Colts (or just about any Elway game, really):

It was Tebow/Thomas-esque (yeah, I did just go there):

Yes, you have to appreciate USA's come-from-behind, win-when-you-shouldn't-have victory because you are a Denver Broncos fan after all. If there is ever a fan base familiar with a late-game score - and improbable win that sends the stands into orgasmic cheering - it's us.

We are practically defined by our fourth-quarter comebacks, owning three of the greatest comebacks in NFL history, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ever since The Drive, we think 3rd and 18 with under two minutes to play on the 48-yard line and down seven points is, well, just another possession.

So, in honor of Brooks' heroic goal for Team USA - and to steal a completely awesome idea from the Redskins' blog - we want to know which depth-chart playmaker do you think could come off the bench and be the "John Brooks of the Denver Broncos" in 2014?

Which player is going to come in after the half and be a deciding factor in an unlikely win with a big-time catch in the end-zone, a timely interception, a game-saving sack or please, yes, a kick-off return for a TD?

A guy who's been on the practice squad?

A former starter who's going to play backup thanks to several free agents?

A rookie, perhaps?

(In fact, feel free to assign other Broncos players to national team members on the U.S. roster just to help you make it through the next few weeks without real football and just in time to watch Team USA take on Portugal this weekend. I'll get you started with some no-brainers: Peyton Manning is Clint Dempsey; Demaryius Thomas is Jozy Altidore get the idea).

Then remind yourself - futbol is a beautiful game.

But football is beautiful-er.