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Denver Broncos need to pay Demaryius Thomas and they need to do it with a smile - Horse Tracks

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who doesn't think Demaryius Thomas is a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL, simply just doesn't get it. I think he is Top 3, but I am only slightly biased having watched every single game he has played as a professional football player. So whatever the Denver Broncos offered him in that five year offer, I hope it was in Megatron territory.

Wide receivers are notoriously prone to selfishness, so to have a guy as good as Thomas who is also humble and driven to win then pay the man! Shovel truckloads of money his way and do it with a goofy grin on your face.

John Elway and company want this deal to happen, but the fact that it isn't signed could mean they came out with an insulting offer. If that is the case, then they need to realize their error and come back to the table with some sanity. This isn't Madden, people. You don't just replace a top 5 player at any position. Not easily anyway.

Over the last two season, Thomas has 186 catches, 2864 yards and 24 touchdowns. Oh, and he made Tim Tebow look good. Nothing would make this Broncos fan happier than to see Demaryius Thomas locked in for the next half decade or longer by the beginning of training camp.

Dick Sherman gets beat down

Richard Sherman can't even keep his own teammates from hating his guts. At least he and his teammate kissed and made up. How big of him. All I have to say is... Ha. Ha.

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