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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos win 2014 Pete Rozelle Award

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos Public Relations team were awarded the 2014 Pete Rozelle award from the The Pro Football Writers of America. The Pete Rozelle award is an award given out yearly to the public relations team that consistently strives for excellence in its dealings and relationships with the media.

This is the second time the Broncos have won this award. Back in 1990 the Broncos Public Relations team took home the inaugural honors. 24 years later the Broncos PR team did it again.

The Broncos Public Relations Team is lead by the very talented Patrick Smyth. The rest of the Broncos' staff includes Media Relations Manager Erich Schubert and Media Services Manager Rebecca Villanueva. Also apart of the Public Relations staff last season's were interns Christian Edwards and Liz Mannis. Long time staff member Jim Saccomano retired after the 2013 season. Saccomano's team won the inaugural honors back in 1990.

Jeff Legwold who covers the Broncos for ESPN, and is the Vice President of the Pro Football Writers Of America had this to say about the Broncos Public Relations staff.

"While the Denver Broncos media relations staff has been honored for its work in 2013, you would be hard-pressed to find any staff in the league through the years that has dealt with as many parts of the job’s spectrum as the Broncos’ has," said Jeff Legwold. "From the team’s anguish following cornerback Darrent Williams’ murder to the world-wide phenomenon that was Tim Tebow’s tenure in Denver to the hysteria of Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl trip in 2013. There was Mike Shanahan’s firing, Josh McDaniels’ firing, Spygate II, John Elway’s return to the team and all of the games in between. Through it all, including the retirement of the Broncos’ long-time media relations director, Jim Saccomano, the Broncos’ staff has done its best to assist those who have tried to chronicle the events. And they’ve done it with high-level professionalism as well as a roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic from Patrick Smyth, Rebecca Villanueva and Erich Schubert along with a group of aspiring, hard-working interns, including many who dot other staffs around the league."

We at Mile High Report would like to congratulate the Broncos Public Relations staff for this much deserved honor. They really are the best in he business.

Julius Thomas Keeping An Eye On The Jimmy Graham Situation?:

Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas will be keeping a close eye on the outcome of the Jimmy Graham situation.

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is currently in court to see if he'll be tagged as a receiver or a tight end.

The Saints slapped the Franchise Tag on Graham earlier this offseason, but Graham wants to be compensated as a receiver, not a tight end. If Graham were to be tagged as a receiver he would be making 12 million dollars in 2014, however if he's tagged as a tight end he'll "only" be making 7 million in 2014.

A year from now Julius Thomas might be in the same position, so the outcome of this grievance hearing will be pretty important for Thomas.

"I don’t know why the argument necessarily comes down to either you’re a tight end or a receiver. I think that if you’re a guy that makes plays, that’s how you should be valued.""- Julius Thomas

"Does it matter if he’s a tight end, or if he calls himself a slot receiver or a running back?" Thomas said. "I mean, if you’re going to have double-digit touchdowns and contribute a bunch of yards in the receiving game, I just say that you’re a guy that makes great plays and are a value to your team.

The Broncos have said they would like to sign both Julius Thomas and teammate before the start of Training Camp, so the outcome of this interesting for both the Broncos and Thomas.

Horse Tracks:

  • Former Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno may need knee surgery. There's some reports out there saying it's "bad" and it may shorten his career.
  • Raiders rookie Quarterback Derek Carr has officially moved up to #2 on the Raiders Quarterback depth chart.
  • Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles is apparently "wowing" coaches in Eagles offseason practices. Could Foles be in for another big year in 2014?
  • Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden is advising rookie first round pick Johnny Manziel to get a "Phone Valet" so pictures of him partying won't end up on the internet.
  • The Carolina Panthers want Quarterback Cam Newton to take over the Panthers offense. Cam might be the Panthers only source of offense in 2014.
  • This for any of you CFL fans out there. Former NFL wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson made his CFL debut last night.
  • Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson thinks he's the best player in the NFL. Do you agree?
  • Apparently the FXFL(whatever that is) wants to establish a relationship with the NFL. Could we be moving closer to a minor league system in the NFL?
  • Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is eyeing a week one return. Gronk suffered a nasty ACL injury to now Broncos starting strong safety T.J Ward.
Go Broncos!