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Horse Tracks: Something to talk about?

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Good Morning Broncos Country!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What would you miss about your job?

Peyton Manning went on record and identified the one thing he will miss most once his career comes to an end.  I will talk more about Peyton's answer later on. If you retired today, what's the thing you'd miss most about your job?

What were you thinking?  LOL insert the hate

Last year I wrote an article and named it "Why the Swaggar?" Needless to say like many of my polarizing op-ed pieces, some loved it, some didn't.  Basically, last July I wrote that the Broncos had the strongest team in the NFL and that Broncos fans needed to lose the "underdog" mentality.  A year later I had a Seahawk fan tweet me a link to it along with some sort of insult.

All I can say is that article is one of my personal favorites and I'm happy that a year later the enemy is still trying to use it against me on the backdrop of a Super Bowl loss.

If everything you write is safe, you may as well forfeit your soul right now.

We Want our throwbacks!

Nothing said 'Broncos' like our old orange with the "D."  Why can't the Broncos don these throwbacks once or twice a season?

Orlando Franklin opens lemonade stand

Not really, lets just say the big guy is making lemonade out of lemons.  Once staunchly against the move to LG, Franklin now is making the best out of the situation both on the field and in his head.


You've just inherited the NFL from Roger Goodell somehow.  Your first task is to realign the NFL to increase rivalry and decrease travel amongst division rivals.  GO!

My Realignment

AFC East: Baltimore, New England, New York Jets, New York Giants

AFC South: Atlanta, Tennessee, St. Louis, Kansas City

AFC North: Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati

AFC West: Arizona, Denver, Dallas, Houston

NFC East: Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington, Carolina

NFC South:  Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, New Orleans

NFC North: Detroit, Green Bay, Chicago, Minnesota

NFC West: San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle

Horse Tracks

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