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Peyton Manning not thinking about retirement right now - Horse Tracks

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning talks retirement and his future. The good news is that he is at least a Bronco through 2014, maybe even beyond if all goes well.
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Peyton Manning is focused on the here and now with the Denver BroncosArnie Stapleton of AP noted that when Manning visited New York a while back to honor the retirements of Derek Jeter and David Letterman, he said, "I'm sad to see some of these guys retired. I'm not far behind."

That quote really gave some of us fans the sense this is Manning's final ride and we better enjoy it. It's just hard to imagine the 5 time NFL MVP coming off a record setting 5,500 yard and 55 touchdown season would simply hang up it up while still a member of one of the most talented rosters in the league. And certainly the most talented roster of his storied career.

What gives me hope? Manning's addiction to being a part of that huddle.

"When you don't play football anymore, you can broadcast, you can coach, you can be in management, whatever, but you are not allowed to go into the huddle anymore," Manning said. "That huddle is just for players. You can go into the locker room after the game and you can speak to the team, but I think any retired player would probably tell you they miss the huddle."

I certainly hope for two more seasons of Peyton Manning. It will be money well spent and his average of 14 wins per season is plenty enough to keep this fan happy. The chase for that elusive Lombardi Trophy is still on the table and I would love to send Manning galloping into the sunset with a final cheer of triumph as he retires a champion.

Where's the Beef, er, Pot Roast?

Jimmy Kempski from analyzed the weight of every front seven in the NFL to try and determine if it meant anything. It didn't, but it was interesting anyway. Here is the chart that shows the weight of every defensive front in the NFL for the 2014 season.

Rank Team Combined Wt. Average Wt.
1 New York Jets 1994 284.9
2 Baltimore Ravens 1983 283.3
3 Kansas City Chiefs 1962 280.3
4 Cleveland Browns 1959 279.9
5 Green Bay Packers 1942 277.4
6 Houston Texans 1940 277.7
7 Philadelphia Eagles 1929 275.4
8 Washington Redskins 1928 275.4
9 Arizona Cardinals 1925 275
10 Chicago Bears 1924 274.9
11 San Diego Chargers 1920 274.3
12 New Orleans Saints 1918 274
13 Atlanta Falcons 1913 273.3
14 Jacksonville Jaguars 1911 273
15 Denver Broncos 1910 272.9
16 New England Patriots 1902 271.7
17 Minnesota Vikings 1901 271.6
18 Buffalo Bills 1898 271.1
19 Cincinnati Bengals 1891 270.1
20 Pittsburgh Steelers 1887 269.6
21 Oakland Raiders 1883 269
22 Carolina Panthers 1882 268.9
23 New York Giants 1880 268.6
24 Miami Dolphins 1870 267.1
25 San Francisco 49ers 1869 267
26 St. Louis Rams 1863 266.1
27 Seattle Seahawks 1862 266
28 Detroit Lions 1858 265.4
29 Indianapolis Colts 1858 265.4
30 Tennessee Titans 1856 265.1
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1845 263.6
32 Dallas Cowboys 1835 262.1
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