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Terrell Davis and John Elway make list of best NFL players of the 1990's

Denver Broncos Ring of Fame running back, Terrell Davis, makes the list of best players of the 1990's and given his short, albeit explosive career, that is quite the honor. Joining him on the list was John Elway, which is a no brainer.

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We are entering the period of annual "lists" and this one of the top NFL players of the 1990's caught my eye today. In it, two of the greatest players in Denver Broncos history, John Elway and Terrell Davis, made the list. Sure they were both at the bottom of the list, but at 14th and 20th best on that list is respectable enough given how many players played in the 90's.

Make no mistake, it is this kind of exposure that Davis needs in order to advance to the final round of Hall of Fame voting. It is time for the writers in America to recognize his impact on the league - if for only a short time.

Part of me wanted to argue his 20th ranking, but the writer himself stated the exact reason why 20th is about as high as he could be.

20) Terrell Davis: Had the running back's career started earlier and lasted longer, Davis would have ranked far higher. Too many Hall of Famers played the entire decade.

I cannot disagree with that assessment. I really do believe that had his knees held up, TD would have gone down as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. He did everything very good, which was why he was so great. Most athlete's excel in one area or another, so it is a rare find to get a player who does everything at a very high level. I found this gem that really gives us some insight on one of the biggest moments of his life.

The other guy on the list is the one I expected to be there. John Elway retired as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks in all of history, so it was no surprise to see him listed. The surprise was how far down the list he was, but the more I considered his 14th ranking the more I agreed with it. John Elway of the 1980's would have been at or very near the #1 spot.

In the 80's, Elway was a better athlete and player, however in the 90's, Elway was a better quarterback. Being a better quarterback isn't always going to lead to more recognition - just more wins.

14) John Elway: He became a smarter quarterback as the '90s wore on, winning back-to-back Super Bowls in his late 30s. Unfortunately, Elway had trouble staying healthy.

His last sentence was just lame, since the only season where Elway had trouble staying healthy was in his final season when he missed six games. He did cap that season off with a Super Bowl MVP, so .... okay?

In any case, to have two Denver Broncos representing a Top 20 players of an entire decade is quite an honor. Quickly looking at the list, the only other teams to have multiple players represented were the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. It's no coincidence that along with the Broncos, these were the teams that won an incredible amount of games in that decade.

What do you all think of where these two are ranked?