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Sunday Night Football to feature DeMarcus Ware, Carrie Underwood

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We've been waiting all year for Sunday night!

Tom Szczerbowski

Country singer Carrie Underwood will be back for a second season with Sunday Night Football on NBC this fall. Underwood, a six-time Grammy Award winner, replaced Faith Hill in 2013 as SNF's intro performer.

Last year, quarterback Peyton Manning represented the Broncos in the video intro. Manning will not be back in 2014, but Denver will be represented again.

Seven-time Pro Bowler DeMarcus Ware suited up to appear in the intro for the first time in orange and blue:

Ware represented the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.

We're guessing NBC's producers wanted a shot of Ware pointing at the camera, because he apparently did that a lot in the green room:

The Broncos will play on SNF at least three times this fall. Denver will host the Indianapolis Colts in their season opener on Sunday, September 7, the first SNF game of 2014. Six weeks later, the Broncos will play on SNF again against the San Francisco 49ers at home on Sunday, October 19. Finally, Denver will play the Kansas City Chiefs on the road on SNF on Sunday, November 30.

(Check out the Broncos' complete 2014 schedule here.)

The Broncos were given the NFL-max five scheduled primetime games this year but may be flexed into one more primetime contest between Weeks 5 and 17. Their Week 9 showdown with the New England Patriots (CBS) is a prime candidate to be flexed.

In his career, Ware has recorded 88 sacks on Sundays. He'll make for good TV.