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Horse Tracks: How long 'till Training Camp?

The sports world exists in Baseball and Soccer at the moment. Though the Broncos don't start Training Camp for several weeks, what are some of the storylines going in?

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Will Virgil Green become a larger part of the passing offense?

Green saw an uptick of reps in the passing game during OTA's.  While the Broncos are most comfortable in 11 personnel, in order to bring more balance to the offense, they must work more with their two TE sets.  In the playoffs the Broncos offense utilized their 3 WR 90% of the time.  They also had issues running the ball and failed to protect Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. 11 personnel will remain the status quo, but maintaining some balance should be priority #1 in 2014.

Who will emerge along the front 5?

Will Orlando Franklin stick on the inside?  Can a rookie supplant either Manny Ramirez or Chris Clark?  While there will be some battles up front, the sooner the front is solidified the better.  We are already looking at having three new starters along the front.  Familiarity will be key.

Will the real secondary please stand up?

The battles I will monitor the most are in the Broncos secondary.  Who will step up and man the #3 and #4 corner spots on the roster?  Roby and Webster have the inside track, but will there be another that pushes for an increased role?

With safety all eyes are on reserves Quinton Carter and Duke Ihenacho.  Carter has fought through two offseasons of rehab to give himself another shot to make an impact.  Duke needs to clean up his mistakes and tendency to go for the knock out hit.  Hard hitting is welcomed, so long as the player is putting himself in good position.  All too often Duke did not.

Just how disruptive can the Broncos DL be?

Ware and Miller are a dynamic duo on the outside.  But can the Del Rio and the defense build upon a team effort to create pressure?  For the Broncos to be scary up front, the guys in the middle must be just as disruptive as the edge rushers.  Sylvester Williams should be able to utilize his quick first step to create pressure, Malik Jackson must learn to remain prolific with an increased work load.

Who will return kicks?

I am perfectly fine with seeing a vet return kicks.  The injury worries in regards to offensive starters on special teams is severely overblown and a product of lazy group think.  Regardless, will a player down the depth chart prove their value on returns?  Whoever it is, just hold on to the ball, the offense is pretty good.

Horse Tracks

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