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Horse Tracks: Rookies, beards and Namath edition

Really, the only news that you absolutely have to know is that corner Bradley Roby is now the only unsigned Broncos rookie. It's now safe to say that we've hit that part of the off season where the traditional sports media is scraping news from anywhere it can be found. Prepare yourself! The following links you're about to read are probably not the hardest hitting pieces of journalism you're going to read this week.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Bradley Roby is the only unsigned Broncos rookie from the 2014 draft class. Ever since the new collective bargaining agreement was approved, the days of lengthy rookie holdouts are a thing of the past. Expect Roby to sign well in advance of training camp. Phew!


Broncos corner Aqib Talib is learning defensive coordinator's Jack Del Rio's scheme. I'm sure this comes as a relief to Broncos fans everywhere... Because really, what's the alternative? Thank goodness he didn't show up on the field with a catcher's mask and a hockey stick.


Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman is apparently 'hungry to prove himself' an asset to the Denver Broncos. Hillman has an uphill climb after being benched for the latter half of the 2013 season and the Super Bowl because of poor play and even worse ball-control. Personally, watching Hillman is so frustrating that it makes me long for the days of Selvin Young or Quentin Griffin... and that's not a good thing. Here's hoping he's able to turn things around in 2014.


Okay, I may be a little jealous of Louis Vasquez's fancy new beard. Sure, mine takes forever to grow and is patchy (to put it nicely), but I seriously doubt any of us can claim a specimen as stunning as his. In just four months he's already looking more manly than Tom Hanks in Castaway. Seriously, Zach Galifianakis has nothing on him.


ESPN's Jeff Legwold pegs the later May draft dates as a reason rookies are cramming to learn their role with the Broncos. While a truncated off season doesn't do them any favors, let's be honest here folks... Rookies have an uphill climb to quickly acclimate to the NFL. No amount of time is enough to prepare them for what lies ahead.


Last Wednesday, I took the time to highlight a former Broncos quarterback Marlin Briscoe and the movie that will hopefully be made about him. The reaction was pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition. This week, I thought I'd dive into the Mile High Report archives and share with you another pivotal moment in the history of the Denver Broncos franchise... most notably, the 'Worst Trade In Denver Broncos History.' Check it out to find out how the hapless Broncos of the 1960's blew it and missed out on New York Jets hall-of-famer Joe Namath.