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Horse Tracks: Demaryius Thomas isn't worrying about his contract

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Kevin C. Cox

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is entering the final year of rookie deal, and is looking at a big time payday next season. The question is whether the Broncos are the one giving Thomas the contract or not. Well do not ask Thomas about his contract situation because he's not dwelling on it.

You really never think about the big payday, or anything like that. We like playing together, and I like playing football."- Demaryius Thomas

According to the Denver Posts Troy Renck the Broncos and Thomas have yet to talk about a contract extension as of yet. With that said, Thomas doesn't seem very interested in talking about money aspect of the business, he just wants to talk and play football.

"I never think about that. I don't even know if Decker was talking about it. All we talked about was being able to play with each other again. He wanted to come back, but it just didn't work out,"

Hearing this type of thing from Thomas shouldn't come as a surprise. Thomas is a quiet and humble man who isn't going to say or do anything off the field to create a distraction.

Now Thomas is due for a very big payday. Thomas has been future Hall Of Fame Quarterback Peyton Manning's go to target the past two seasons. In those seasons Thomas has put up two seasons with 90+ catches, 1,400+ yards and 10+ TDs. Those type of numbers have put Thomas among the elite receivers in the league, and he will figure to be paid like one next season.

I for one hope that John Elway decides to lock up Thomas sooner rather then later. Thomas is the type of guy you build your team around.

Von Miller Ready For Fresh Start:

After a rocky 2013 season for Von Miller that included an embarrassing six-game suspension, a weight gain and a late season ACL injury Miller looks to rebound in 2014.

So far everything is going well for Miller. The Broncos picked up Millers fifth-year option, and he's ahead of schedule with his rehabilitation from his ACL Injury. The Broncos picking up Millers fifth year option was big for him. It showed that the team was still behind the All-Pro pass rusher despite his off the field troubles.

"It definitely makes me feel good knowing that the organization is behind me and they trust me and they believe in me, especially through all the stuff that I’ve been through,"

Also the addition of future Hall Of Famer DeMarcus Ware has been a huge factor to Millers maturation. When Ware was signed in March he spoke about how he plans to be a mentor to Miller.

He’s a great teacher and it’s different from any other relationship that I’ve had with anyone else. I’ve looked up to DeMarcus. I’m not afraid to say it, I want to be like DeMarcus ware."- Von Miller

Ware figures to help Miller on and off the field. On the field Ware will take attention off Miller which will open up a lot of one on one's for both Miller and Ware. He will also help him off the field. He will show Miller how to be a leader, and what it takes to be a NFL player off the field. It's hard not to be excited about Miller in 2014. Miller is already participating in individual drills and showing explosiveness, he has lost the weight he gained last season, and the addition of Ware should give us a new and improved Von Miller in 2014.

Demarcus Ware Ranked 56th In NFL Networks Top 100 Players:

Last night NFL Network announced that Denver Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware cracked the list of their top 100 players of 2014. Ware came in at 56th overall.

Ware joins Louis Vasquez, T.J Ward, Aqib Talib, Von Miller and Wes Welker as current Denver Broncos on the list, and they're only half done.

Is Colin Kaepernick worth more than Peyton Manning?:

Yesterday the San Francisco 49ers signed Quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a new six-year, $126 million extension through 2020, including $61 million guaranteed.

Now Kaepernick is making more than Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning.

Should he be making more then Manning?

Horse Tracks: