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Horse Tracks: Chris Harris brings Sherman's play without the bad attitude

We all know Chris Harris Jr. is a special talent. Year after year we have seen him lock down that slot while growing into his own on the outside. But where does his production pit him against league loud-mouth Richard Sherman?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Harris Jr. vs. Richard Sherman

Chris Harris Jr. will be making far less than Richard Sherman this season, due to his RFA tender.  He will be looking at a big payday in 2015 and all I can say is "Pay the Man."

Rahim Moore is greatest agent of modern era

Jacoby Jones sneaks behind the Bronco secondary answering a Raven prayer and sending a sure Bronco win into oblivion at the blink of an eye.  We all remember that play, and the blown coverage that allowed it.  What we didn't anticipate is how it would bloat contracts league-wide when it comes to the quarterback position.

Joe Flacco used his magic ticket and parlayed it into a playoff-tying performance that saw his team hoist the Lombardi.  Rahim Moore successfully "negotiated" a 120 million dollar contract for the average Joe.

(By The Way, Joe Flacco after receiving his contract managed yet another piss-poor campaign highlighted a 19 TD to 22 INT performance).

That deal begot the deal for Jay Cutler who received which was 126 million with 54 guaranteed.  Cutler for his part has yet to complete a full season as a Bear and was outplayed by Josh McCown who found a new home in Tampa Bay.

That leads us to the latest huge contract given to Colin Kaepernick.  Another 126 million dollar deal with 61 million guaranteed.  Though the deal is team friendly with those guarantees kicking in as roster bonuses, the way it is looking now, the Broncos will have to re-up with Brock Osweiler for about 100 million without him ever having an NFL start.

All kidding aside, I hope and pray all safeties out there are studying the "prevent coverage" portion of their playbook.  One mistake can lead to a whole lot of stupid.

You still fill bad about paying Peyton Manning haters?

Gems from the past

I noticed a lot of votes for players involved in the 1997/1998 Super Bowl Teams when I did my All-Time Bronco poll the other day.  While a bit disappointed that some of the old timers have been forgotten, I went back and dug up these playoff games from our first Super Bowl run.  The first is the 1998 AFC Divisional game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  I'll have a post on that within a couple of days.

The other is the 1998 AFC Championship Game against Kordell Stewart and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Kordell was a product of the CU Buffaloes and helped lead a magical season in which he completed a Hail Mary to beat top 5 Michigan.  If you are a kid you remember that play--we all would go outside and re-enact this play a million times in the alleys of our respective neighborhoods.  He was Tim Tebow, if team Tebow were fast and could throw.  Anyway, you want to see how our only Championship Team got it done, watch these games--great stuff!

Horse Tracks

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