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Horse Tracks: Knighton wants the Broncos defense to dominate

Good Morning Broncos Country!
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Last season all the talk about the Denver Broncos was about Peyton, and the Denver Broncos offense. They were setting record after record, and earned a trip to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile the Denver Broncos defense was considered a weakness, and allowed 25 points per game to opposing offenses.

After a disappointing finish to the 2013 season Denver Broncos GM John Elway looked to improve the defense during the offseason. First the Broncos are getting starters cornerback Chris Harris Jr., linebacker Von Miller, safety Rahim Moore, defensive end Derek Wolfe and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson back from injury. Also the team added future Hall Of Famer DeMarcus Ware to compliment Miller, Safety T.J Ward to be a presence at the safety position, and cornerback Aqib Talib to replace Champ Bailey as their number one cornerback. They also took Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby in the first round of Mays NFL Draft.

"We just don't want to be that defense that does enough to get by and the offense is putting up 40 points, We just want to be that defense that goes out there and dominates and be talked about."- Terrance Knighton

Those additions plus players returning from injury should give the Broncos a much better looking defense in 2014.

Defensive Tackle Terrance "Pot Roast" Knight who appears to have taken a leadership role wants things to change in 2014. Knighton wants teams to fear the Broncos defense, and have the Broncos high octane offense to be more of a luxury instead of a necessity.

Knighton wants the Broncos defense to be great in 2014.

"I think last year we made a mistake of just having the guys we had thinking that was enough and not putting in the effort to be great. That's something we're not talking about this year, the talent we have. We just want to go out there and put in the work."

While the 2014 season is still very early, the Broncos defense has been putting in the hard work needed to be great.

I'm excited to see what the Broncos defense can do in 2014. The Broncos have multiple playmakers at every level on the defensive side of the ball. This defense can be great if they want to be. There's way too much talent and depth for them not to be great.

Rahim Moore Is A Great Man:

The Denver Posts Troy Renck wrote a great article on Denver Broncos safety Rahim Moore.

The story goes like this. Last sunday a man(who's name is being withheld) ran a 10k, and suddenly started suffering from severe leg pain. That next day he was having surgery on his leg, and then having a following up operation which removed a major muscle in his leg. He was diagnosed with compartment syndrome.

Broncos safety Rahim Moore was diagnosed with a similar type of diagnosis last season. Moore had lateral compartment syndrome, and very nearly lost his leg because of this.

With help from a 9News staff member, the family was able to email the Denver Broncos directly at 9:40 pm. Within a few minutes Broncos Media relations director Patrick Smyth read the email, and quickly texted Moore. Moore quickly replied to Smyth, and told him that we wants to meet with the family immediately.

At about 10:15 pm Rahim Moore was sitting bed side with the man and his family. Moore was giving them advice, he provided information on recovery, encouraged him and formed a prayer circle with the group.

Moore dropped whatever he was doing on that Thursday night to go help a stranger and his family in a time of need. It's not often you see this type of compassion from a pro athlete. This wasn't a publicity stunt or anything like that, this was just Moore being a great human being.

The next day Moore was unavailable to comment because he was helping kids at a Denver area football clinic.

We at Mile High Report give Rahim Moore and everyone involved a Mile High Salute.

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