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Denver Broncos ticket prices skyrocket after historic 2013 season - Horse Tracks

I hope you got a raise at your last annual review, because Broncos ticket prices are exploding. Other odds and sods this morning include Elway the GM review and the 5th best game of the 2013 season.
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Garrett Ellwood

Hopefully, you got that big raise you were hoping for this year, because Denver Broncos ticket prices have skyrocketed an average of 18% over last years' ticket prices. In case you are wondering, that is $383.12 per seat on average. However, what do you expect for the honor of watching a team that has lost just eight games in two years, including the playoffs?

Average Denver Broncos ticket prices are up 18% over last year- TiqIQ

The only teams with higher ticket prices are the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears. If you ask me, the Bears a bit presumptuous to be putting themselves in the same category as these other real contenders. The closest AFC Team was the New England Patriots.

Predictably, the best home games are the most expensive. I would skip the Week 1 matchup with the Indianapolis Colts, unless you can swing the $499.05 price tag. Besides, if you are only able to go to one game this season, why not pick a game where you know Peyton Manning and the Four Horsemen will light it up Madden-style?

Broncos tickets went on sale yesterday, so if you can afford it then you might as well splurge for the experience. Just make sure you post some photos up on MHR the next day.

John Elway, Stud GM

One thing that I think people don't realize outside of Dove Valley is just how good John Elway the Vice President of Football Operations/General Manage actually is. I still don't know why he hasn't been featured on A Football Life yet, so I just tell myself they are waiting until he wins that Super Bowl as a GM first.  Anyway, I missed this tweet yesterday that really drove my beliefs home.

Even though I missed the tweet, Chad Jensen caught it and put together an excellent write up on Elway's successes as a General Manager. You read that? Elway is the only General Manager to draft an AP All-Pro, sign an unrestricted free agent who became an AP All-Pro and a guy who was cut who would end up becoming an AP All-Pro.

5th Best Game of 2013

When two teams put up 99 points in a game, you'll probably find it reviewed on a Top 20 games of the year list. The Week 5 matchup between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys was quite the game.

Peyton Manning and Tony Romo would combine for 920 yards passing and 9 touchdowns, which makes it the 5th most passing yards by two quarterbacks in a single game in NFL History. It's no coincidence that four of those top five teams have occurred in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The NFL is a different game than it was 20 years ago.

The Broncos have made the list 3 times now with four more games to go, but the other two were exciting losses to the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots. I can't imagine there being another game worthy for the list as that Cowboys game was pretty darn incredible.

Horse Tracks

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